Making this home a house-addition to cabin

HouseofsticksMarch 15, 2012

We are building an addition as we have currently outgrown our home. Current home is a stockade style (verticle log) home.

1st floor consists of: approx. 1200sq/ft more like 1140 with knee wall areas for storage upstairs as it's a story and a half.

2 bedrooms. (1 decent size one more of an office size.

Living/Dining Room: 13 1/2 X 24' stairs are in this room.

Kitchen: 8X9 with laundry on the end we are making this the laundry/pantry.

1 small 8X5 Full Bath.

2 small common area closets (coat at door and linen in hall before bath.

2nd floor:

Master Bath and Small loft area with bathroom.

We are builing off the back of the home. The new addition will be either Coastal style or craftsman style but with "period details" and white kitchen cabinets.

Attached are links to exterior photos of the cabin and two layouts for our exsisting home and addition.

I need help!!!:)

What we want:

Larger dedicated laundry room (old kitchen can do this)

Pantry (old kitchen)

Light and bright as our cabin interior is warm but dark.

A connection to the outside.

2-3 bedrooms with a Master included as a room.

Large closets

Large kitchen

Large family room or sitting area.

Screened porch (mosquitos are horrible)

Mud room/area and or storage bench and lockers.

Outdoor shower.

Eventually outdoor kitchen and pool.

We also don't want the house to be so large that we cannot live here after the kids leave the nest (currently 7 and 4yrs)


Thank you for any assistance I know you are all very talented people. I've been lurking and viewing for years.

Time frame for addition is asap and size should be 1400 or less sq/ft.

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In the Homestyler link the exsisting cabin ends after the first large room on the right and includes the left hand bedroom the small area on the left is a closet for the new bedroom. The back is a screened patio and a screened deck off the right next to the driveway.

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It would help me to see your layout, current, and planned, as 2 separate graph images. Just draw it out, pencil and graph paper, and scan. Your homestyler image is too small and unlabeled.

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Kirkhall, I will do that tonight, thank you!

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The attached link has been updated to include: 3 photos of current home and current floorplan with rough dimensions. We are removing the bumpout that is currently the washer and dryer so the room will be 13 1/2'X 24'. The addition is going off the back and the sun rises there.

Here is a link that might be useful: current home houseofsticks

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I used the link on the side of your photobucket that said "HTML code" and pasted that in the message box. Then, your picture actually posts to the forum.

Can you do the same for your addition picture? Your house is somewhat similar to mine--a cape-style home. You may find inspiration in other cape layouts or additions to cape style homes.

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Yes, I'll work on putting 2 renditions of the home addition on graph paper tomorrow. The Master is upstairs and we are not changing this the ceiling on the other half is 17' to the rafters and is log inside and verticle beadboard. I was told for structural stability of the log style we have(verticle) not to cut into the last 4' on the right back/living room side. We'd like to make as little changes to the exsisting as possible but need a good master on the lower level and 2 kids rooms. I'd be open to any style in structure as I can add the log/craftsman/coastal in on the accents to seem more cohesive. The material for the addition will be stick built, sheetrock and hardie board siding as we cannot afford the log prices to match and we would like a lighter feel as the logs are heavy and warm but dark.
Thanks for the help-I'm such a novice:)
The current kitchen has a lower ceiling than the rest of the living/dining room only 7' so I think we are better off using as laundry and starting fresh for the kitchen in the new structure.

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Plan 1

Thanks for the posting tip:)
Current home/cabin

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This might seem odd, but I *think* I would figure out how to make your laundry a pass-through or walk through room. Can you open it to your existing space on its "bottom/south" wall?) It would be nice to have it easily accessible to the original bedrooms. I think you are making the bedroom be a pass through, and while that can work, it makes that bedroom more like an office or study than it does a bedroom. If you can get the door/pass through in the laundry area, it would work better, imo. (or at least put a little door in the wall, since I think that space may be bathroom?)

Moving on... do you plan to get rid of table seating? It seems that you have no space for a table. And, your island will function as the eating space. That may or may not work out for you. Your aisle width to the left of the island is too narrow also.

I might consider rearranging your new bedroom/bathroom/master. I think, if it were my house, and my kids needed to use the bathroom, they'd most likely use the master bath--it is closest to the family room. I'd flip the new bath and pantry space, then slide the pantry/closet space down to the adjacent to the old. Enter the master and new bedroom from a common alcove/hallway where the door to the bathroom would also be. (and in fact, I might also change the location of the pantry/laundry...)

Where would you put your fridge? It might be nice to recess it a bit into a closet/pantry/laundry room area so you can get a standard depth one.

(and you've drawn a GIGANTIC master bed ;) )

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On making the laundry a passageway: I could put a door in the bathroom (it would be tiny-less than 3'. The Bedroom (#2) is my son's room and would be a pass through. In this plan my son's room stays his room. The room in the front would be a playarea and I may remove the hallway wall to make a decent size area (decent-still small.).

Here are the other 2 senarios:
1. Bedroom#2 becomes playroom and or dining/craft as the kids grow.
2. Bedroom #1 and #2 are made into a Master. The bathroom is still small and we just recently remodeled so I'd have to say no more changes other than considering the door you mentioned.

Table seating: Yes, the island would be our primary seating for the kids breakfast and lunch. I do want a screen deck or patio as we live in SC and love it outside but are unable to since the mosquito is our state bird.:) I would LOVE a booth/banquet with a bench-husband hates this idea but would tolerate. We currently have table in the top right off the kitchen area but it's tight. I was thinking we'd have room in the new family room but I may be wrong.

For Kitchen:
I'm sure you can't tell by my fantastic drawing but I left 4' on the work side of the island and 7'8" on the chair side. The island is approx 4' or 4'8"X 12' I'd like a huge island but this may be too huge at the cost of a table as you mentioned.

I'm trying to visualize the switch to bath for the pantry/laundry area (assuming this isn't pass-through) I think I'd have to create a hallway to the bedrooms so the kids can use the bathroom without walking through a more public area. By adjacent to the older home for the pantry location do you mean off the old living room before the kitchen?
I do want the kids rooms to be close together.
Yes, I do also think the kids as well as guests would use the MBath (I am great with-husband does not want but said he's ok if there is a door to close off the MBed. And, yes the Gigantic bed, No, we are not giants, lol. It is a log bed made from huge log timbers with King mattress(present from my hubby) It's more like 9'long. But if I don't tuck the comforters into the frame it balloons out our room is 13 1/2' wide upstairs and the extra 1/2' would be nice:)
I didn't mention the septic is on the bedrooms side of the current home which is why we cannot just bump out the bedroom#1-also gas and HVAC is there too. (why I didn't put the screened deck on that side(noise)...but we will be looking at the vehicles in the driveway for outdoor meals.

Oh, yes the inset fridge. I could probably make the window a little larger and inset it 1' so it almost matches the cabinets but allows for full open (it's a french door/bottom drawer freezer) with our budget we're keeping all our appliances and buying a gas range if we have enough $$ left. All our current are stainless and new kitchen cabinets are white shaker style cheap RTA wood that my contractor sells at a really good price. Granite in a whitish (we were going to do marble on the island but can't imagine the etching and marks on a piece this large looking anything other than bad:( with honed black granite for cabinet walls runs as we can't afford soapstone.
Thank you for your time and any further advice would be appreciated and welcome. I'll work on your ideas tonight:)

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Kirkhall working on the ideas you mentioned. This is the rendition I gave my contractor and is probably going to need to be scaled back for $$ reasons but I wanted a quote on adding 3 bedrooms (1 of which is a master) so we could use the pass through bedroom as a play area/craft room or formal dining. I need to stay at 1400ish sqft or less (preferably less:). Disregard the ghost dining set a homestyler glitch (one of countless has occurred) Eh, what do I expect for free:)

Ideas are not only welcomed but needed.

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I'm having trouble following your plan... I think the dissociation of the 2 initial graph drawings is the trouble, for me... Sorry.

(have you tried I like that when I was doing a lot of shuffling).

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I'll try the website you mentioned, thanks for your time. Sorry for the confusion. I'll try to make better layouts and repost.

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