Circus Day Table

christmascandyMay 16, 2012

Some websites list May 19 as Circus Day because that is the day The Ringling Brothers Circus originated in 1884.

I gathered some items I already had, bought some treats, and found some more things at the TS.

I found the Ringmaster doll at ARC last night, 50% off, woohoo!! I had the elephant cup as Cody likes elephants, and I bought the candy and animal crackers for the table.

I had the red tablecloth, white chargers, blue placemats, blue goblets, red flatware, and yellow striped edge salad plates. I found the yellow dinner plates, blue/white striped napkins, and the floral china at Habitat TS today.

The floral china plates, and cups and saucers were in a wicker picnic basket set with tablecloth/napkins, flatware, and the china. It is labled Made In England, Brexton. I got the whole picnic set for $5.20 with my senior discount.

I chose the bright colors for the table as they seemed rather fun and circus-like to me.

The Pottery Barn popcorn bowls were a TS find last year.



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'Come one, come all! Oh, the bright & cheery colors...reminds me of 'clowns!' Wow, what bargains you found w/floral china plates/wicker basket deal! Beautiful! This is a wonderful table, candy ...puts a smile on my face! I can see balloons, cotton candy, & popcorn! Hope you'll have some kids around soon to eat that candy! TFS! Jeanne S.

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..Captures the feel of the circus With this fun table.

The red tc is the perfect backdrop.
You find the best things and have the perfect knack for putting them together.!!
What a bargain on the picnic basket with the pretty china.
The elephant cup is the cutest.
And the Ring Master doll is terrific.
I can almost hear the kalopy playing.
This table puts a smile on my face too!

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Yes...I agree..'The Amazing Candy'!!
What a fabulous buy on that picnic basket and beautiful china!
I just love how you created this fun Circus Table.
The red TC, Striped napkins and the pop of yellow is so festive looking...
What!! No Peanuts to feed the Elephants? lol
It's amazing that you actually found a 'Ring Master' to go with your theme..and Cody's
Elephant Cup is perfectly adorable!!
I love how you added the all the fun candy too...
This was fun to see today Candy..and like made me smile too!

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Jeanne, I looked for a clown, but the only ones I saw at the TS just weren't cute! DH and I already ate the popcorn, but the other treats are waiting for DGK's.

Nana, I'll post a picture of the picnic basket once I disassemble this table. I couldn't believe that I found a doll to use as a Ringmaster! I was looking for a clown, but didn't find one of those. I bought the elephant cup a couple of years ago when Cody was really into elephants. It is a souvenir from the circus.

Jane, I looked for those marshmallow circus peanuts, but didn't find them and also it was late when I was at the store and I couldn't find any regular peanuts either, and I was too tired to hunt for them, so just went without. I had plans to make ticket place cards, but didn't get that done either!! So, I just went with what I had, because I'll be changing it in a few days anyway, LOL.

Thanks ladies!! I can always count on you for some uplifting words and encouragement. I don't know what I'd do without you, you're such a great support group.


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ONLY You could find a ringmaster doll...and at 50% off no less. ;o) You are something else, Girl. Not to mention the idea to create a circus table! Gotta love it.

I have a feeling that ALL of us could come shop your house and still leave you plenty to decorate with. I swear sometimes I think you pull stuff out of a magician's hat for your table themes. LOL. I'd sure love to come visit

hugs, Karen

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