honed marble with matte tiles

Gingersnaps17April 6, 2014

Hi, everyone

I have matte porcelain tiles in my bathroom (same on wall and floor) and picked a botticino marble that resembled it for shower shelves and a windowsill. It wasn't till after it was installed that I realized it was polished. The bathroom saddle wasn't yet created, so when I noticed this, I told them to hone that piece.

How big a "mistake" is it that I have a saddle with a different finish from the sill and shower shelves?
Is it possible for someone to come in and hone the attached pieces?
Or should I just fuhgeddaboudit?

My boyfriend says that there'll be stuff on the shelves and sill (it's inset, about four or five inches) so those surfaces won't be as noticeable as the threshold. But I can still see their polished sides, and it bothers me. Here's a pic the shower shelves.



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Here it is...

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I say "fuhgeddaboudit". I can tell there is a slight sheen to the edges of the shelves, but really maybe it just adds interest. You have different tile and I could see a different sheen adding a little sparkle. If in 2-3 months you still see it, then see about getting the honing done. Nothing in life is perfection. I think the tile looks pretty just as it is.

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Thank you for that! And do you think it's okay that the saddle will be honed?

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Is the saddle a shower curb? If so, I think that will be just fine.

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No, it's the bathroom door saddle. It's a tub/shower.

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I know you are in the midst of making what seems like really crucial decisions. But you need to step back and take a deep breath.

Your question is: Does it matter if the sheen of marble sill on the floor of my bathroom that matches the floor, does not match the sheen of the sides of the shelves in my tub?

Whadda u think? Move on...(I mean that in the nicest way!)

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In a few months it will be dulled down with soap scum or mineral deposits from the water ... non issue ... save the money!

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You know, I never thought of that! That's GREAT. Thanks!

Raehelen: Yep. Lettin' it go.

Thanks, all!

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