OT , the reason I've been missing for ...well... awhile *pic*

milosmom_gwMay 19, 2012

Hello Ladies :). *waving*

I've been missing for what seems like forever again and probably won't ever catch up. I took the shelter job temperarily full time when 2 staff members were fired. After logging 70 hours a week for almost a month, thankfully hiring was done and a long nap was completed, I'm now able to get back to "playing".

Now ... to the main reason I've been absent shy of the long hours.

almost 1 yr ago, I brought home a very sick little pug man that had a very low prospect of getting adopted due to his medical conditions.He cost us a fortune and still has residual heart/lung problems from being HW+ but he's doing very well overall and is a highly vocal & prominent member of our fur-kid pack.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago.... A horrified crying lady came running into the office with a tiny terrible looking ball of fur. She said the poor little thing was thrown out of a moving car in front of their house. Arrrrghhh!

I wasn't even sure what I was looking at to be honest as I took the little angel from her. After cleaning it up , I realized it was a tiny senior Pomeranian girl who was in horrific shape. Skin and bones , eaten up in fleas, half her hair gone, goopy icky eyes , and an untreated injury on her face that had been infected for who knows how long. Off to the vet post haste!! The vet who recieved her is the most compassionate person I know and even she had doubts. I asked her to at least try and left the poor thing behind.

4 days of antibiotics ,lots of food and nutrition replacement substance , and a bite to the vets hand earning her a big star on her chart - she was returned to us. I was tasked to be her caregiver and almost immediatly knew I was sunk sunk sunk. I made it 2 days , called the DH and told him I was bringing her home.

(cont next post)

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She's been here just over a week now and it
doesn't appear she'll be leaving... LOL
I've managed to become her trusted friend which for a Pom , is a stretch since they aren't known to be the most friendly breed. I managed to give her a bath without getting bit and it revealed horrible signs of abuse (scars speaking to cigarette burns all over her) and a large quarter sized scar on her right shoulder from an unknown injury. I've seen more than enough unspeakable abuse in my time on the job but seeing that simply left me gutted and angry. A trip to my own vet revealed she is around 7-8 yrs old , has a mid grade heart murmur as well as the obvious things we have already been working on.
A pile of meds and patience was the order and we're following it now with improvement in leaps n bounds.
A friend of mine who is a dog temperment evaluator told me she doesn't have a clue HOW I've managed to make friends with this poor little girl in such a short amount of time. Per their usual temperment , behaviors and the abuse she has experienced she should be almost untouchable. She has snapped at me twice but they were both during times of cleaning her wounds and I know she was in a great deal of pain. :(
Needless to say, we now have 5 furkids and she is loved safe and pampered here , just as she deserves.
Without further ado.... Introducing

Honey (pic taken 5 days after I brought her home, her first pics are far more graphic than I feel appropriate to share)..

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MM Welcome back!! You sure have been missed.
Your new little family member, Honey, is lucky to have survived the abuse.
I'm sure she will continue to thrive in her new loving home.
There is a special place in hell for those who abuse defenseless children and animals.

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And there is a special place in Heaven for people like you who save animal.

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MM,what a wonderful person you are to rescue that poor little abused dog. She is probably starting to feel like she has died and gone to heaven with all the special care and attention she is finally getting! Bet she will end up being the most loving special buddy you've ever had. God bless you for your caring heart. Luvs

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I totally agree with Nana and trudymom! Amen to both posts!

I was nearly in tears reading about Honey. I just don't understand how anyone could mistreat/abuse a tiny, defenseless animal like that. Why did they even have her??
I pray that person doesn't have children, or other animals!

One of my grand-daughter's had a Pom for 13 yrs, and now my oldest grand-daughter has a young Pom pup. They are neat little dogs.

Its great to have you back here with us, and please keep us posted on Honey (and the Pugs).
Bless you for your huge heart.
hugs, Karen

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MM, well you sure have a good reason for being MIA!!
Honey sure is a "honey!" I'm sure they are all pampered pooches and lucky to have "found" you, LOL

We have no pets as we are gone too much, either on the golf course or working, but I know how special fur families are to those who love them.

We have missed you, but sure understand why you have not been around for a while. I hope you will be able to stop by once in a while to give us updates and maybe one of your fabulous tables.

Thanks again for the update.

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Marlene Kindred

Wow...you HAVE been busy! Welcome back to the forum and it is so nice to meet Honey. She's cute as a button. Just breaks my heart to know that people can be so abusive to animals. God bless you for loving her and taking her in.

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Welcome back, MM & Honey! Oh, what a dreadful life this poor lil' one has suffered...I hope she continues to improve w/your generous lovin' support ...feeling the safety in your lovin' home from you & your family...sounds like the 'trust' is already formed. I am also happy that now you will be 'home' there for Honey, your crew & also for your Holiday friends here! TFS! Jeanne S.

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MM, great to hear that you've rescued little Honey! She's a cutie. What a heartbreaking story about her abuse. Wonderful to know she's safe in lovin' arms now.

Some people don't deserve to have animals. We are away from home so much is the reason for not having a dog. However, we never turn down the opportunity of caring for DS's little yorkie when he's away.

Will be great to have you back posting more.


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Thank you all. :)
I feel like she was sent to us for a reason and we love her so much. She hasn't snapped at me in almost a week. LOL
She still doesn't care much for our pug kids but we're making tiny steps in the right direction.
I took a chance on her level of trust in me and cut her hair earlier. She done very! well , much to my suprise.
Healthwise, she's on a roll in the right direction. Finally putting on some weight (she was 9 whole lbs @ her vet checkup :( ) , her hair is growing back and her owies are healing.
I hope on hope there's a special place in hell for the person that treated her so badly and the more I work with her and learn , the more I hope that person goes there. That isn't neccessarily the right way to think but from my experience and in working with her , I've figured out she was absolutly loved , pampered and trained by someone in her former life and then for whatever reason landed in the wrong hands.
I took her to a public event and she socially gravitated toward older gentleman and not even knowing them , sat ever so gently next to them at their feet. I really think she was owned by such a gentleman and then he met an unfortunate fate of some type (i.e. nursing home, facility or worse) and whomever was supposed to care for her in a way he hoped, sure failed her miserably.
She lets me work with her , love on her and care for her BUT she truly thinks the sun rises and sets on my husband so she certainly puts more trust in men than women.
Lucky for her , he loves her as much as she does him or she'd be in trouble (or I would...LOL).
Anyways, that's the Honey update. :)
Have a safe and happy holiday weekend everyone!!

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