Keep the old fridge as 2nd fridge worth it?

boxtaApril 16, 2012

Hi all,

Just bought a new home, and going to put new appliance to the kitchen. I have decided to get a sub zero to replace the current GE profile.

Should I keep the GE profile as a 2nd fridge in the garage? How energy efficient are those things??

Or should I just sell it?

Obviously I can find usage of it (beverage and freeze spillovers, for example).. but I don't think I absolutely need the extra fridge space


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I's probably more energy efficient that the Sub Zero that you are replacing it with. If you can use the extra storage, and remember that built ins actually have less storage than a freestanding fridge, then there is nothing wrong with keeping a fairly new refrigerator. I'd even find a way to hook up the ice maker, because you won't be getting one with the Sub Zero.

Now, if this is a 30 year old fridge, it probably will use a bit more energy than a new model of even a non Energy Star rated fridge like a Sub Zero. But, if it's lasted 30 years, it's also likely to keep going without too many issues as well.

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We did just that -- twice. Worked very well in both cases. The first time, the refrig that was moved to the garage was already well along in years, but as GreenDesigns suggests, it just kept going. The second time, it was a side-by-side fridge. I generally don't like them, but having the shorter doors to open in the garage saved some space.

We live in New England and have a semi-decently insulated garage. It usually doesn't get much below 45 degrees in the winter. There is the added bonus that since that refrig is accessed less frequently, food seems to keep longer.

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I can't think of a reason why I would get rid of a good working 2nd fridge, we've always had a fridge/freezer and a freezer in the garage (and a chest in the shop), I just thought everyone did :)

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I've had a 22 year old cheap Frigidaire in the basement for 17 years...still going strong, never cost a dime in repairs. Now I'm replacing a good 23 year old Kitchen Aid in the kitchen for a remodeling and will put it in the basement as well...guess I'll have three! Nah, really, I'll just give the old Frigidaire away because the KA is bigger, but I couldn't do without that 2nd fridge. Now watch the good KA conk out after giving away the cheap Frigidaire!

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Green Designs, Sub-Zeros have icemakers, but most of them don't have in door dispensers.

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Absolutely worth it! I can't get by for my family of 4 with just a 36" fridge in the house. I moved my old fridge to the garage. Like a poster above, I thought everyone did this.

Comes in especially invaluable around holidays or parties when we have large quantities of food and bevs to store.

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same here, we are keeping our kenmore elite that came with the house and putting it in the garage alongside the tall freezer. Our new fridge is a CD french door, so added fridge for overflow is definitely a plus for our family of four and lots of entertaining!

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We use our second fridge as the beverage holder. Gatorade, beer, water bottles, wine bottles. Also watermelons, potatoes, leftover pizza - anything bulky.

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Just remember, if you keep it, and start using it,
you will NEVER be able to do without it.

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