How to Clean Wood Floors?

rdw829August 23, 2012

We just had hardwood floors put in - first time I am ever not having carpet.

What is the best way to keep them clean on a day to day basis? This may sound like a stupid question - but is it ok to use my vacuum cleaner on them (don't want to scratch the floors with the wheels)

What do you recommend for a dry weep every day? What about how often to mop and what do you recommend using?

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Back in the days when everyone had wood floors we had what we called dust mops. It doesn't actually clean, just picks up dust and bits of lint and grass carried in. I did not like a broom except for spills. I ran a wet mop over the wood floors with no cleaner.

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I like a splash of vinegar in the water with that wet mop...otherwise I agree.
I think there was only a 20 year period in my life when *I didn't live with all wood floors.

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Like the previous posts, it's more of a preventative exercise. They're probably poly'd but find out if there's a different finish on your flooring. Besides spills and obvious soil, cleaning wood floors is a dry to barely damp affair. I had a cleaning lady who thought those swiffer things were god's gift, but I'm a vacuum w/ soft brush attachment guy myself. I do have a canister vacuum not an upright, and think a corn or plastic broom may scratch. I mop using a cloth or microfiber head that's barely dampened with lukewarm water and vinegar (1/4 cup in 1 gal of water). It pretty much dries as I go. (I tried Murphy's Oil once but it left a cloudy residue for some reason.) If you don't have pets, you may get away with mopping less frequently. After entertaining, winter months, if we've been home a lot, increased foot traffic are times when I mop more often.

I prefer hard flooring to carpet in areas except the bedroom, personally, but I also realize keeping it pristine is nearly impossible. It is a floor after all. lol.

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Keeping my wood and porcelain/stone floors have never been easier. This is one of those products that I don't ever want to be without again! You've probably seen it advertised on TV...Mint Automatic Cleaner. It dry sweeps and wet mops. I had the white (4200 model) at first but upgraded to the black (5200 model). Well worth it imo. It's not a vacuum, it uses microfiber clothes (included for wet and dry) or you can use Swiffer cloths. Personally, I think the Swiffers work better. I double them for an even thicker padding and then turn the cloth over to use the other side. When wet mopping, I use a combo of water/alcohol (for tile only!) sprayed on the cloth and also squirt it on the floor. I know it's expensive but when I think of the time I have to do other things, the pain in my back from dry dusting and mopping and my always clean floors, I made it a priority purchase. It's been WELL worth it! 4.5 stars on Amazon. It's less expensive at Bed Bath and Beyond tho with a 20% off coupon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mint

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As per my knowledge no issue what protective actions you get, though, or how frequently you vacuum, just want a damp mop and start cleaning and removing mold, mildew, odors or wax buildup. I generally use water based cleaner, these are easiest and safest cleaners to use in wood floor. Add some white vinegar and laundry detergent to the water or apply on the wood floor but you may have to wipe the area with a nylon brush to remove graze marks.

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