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lmrinc_gwApril 22, 2014

Even though our build is still a few months away, I'm still trying to figure out what all refrig/ freezer I want. I really love the organization of the electrolux icon but the reviews are horrible and it's the only one I've seen in person.

Can anyone share their personal experience with Miele all refrig and maybe some photos?

It's a massive price difference but I feel like we have bad luck with "lemons" and I'm just trying to see who loves what they have.

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i've selling miele for awhile now along with thermador,subzero,liebherr,viking,etc and i persoanlly find miele to be my favorite refrig

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I've been using mine, 30", for four years and I love them. These pictures are years old, but are what I have. The fridge is on the left, so it opens toward the dining, which is more convenient. This picture is missing the toekick. It's tiled and goes on with velcro, but if it doesn't get lined up right, it falls. I do like installations where it sits down in a box, rather than having a separate toekick. The open detail was showing the connector and the cabinet above. When you install them together, you get a heat shield.

The lighting is great. The different temperature drawers are great. During the recent holidays, I really pushed the capacity, and was impressed by how much I could stuff into these without making them scream. I also have a two drawer prep fridge in my island, and had to defrost my turkey there because it was too tall for the drawer in the Miele (21 lbs.), and I didn't have the shelf space for it. So to make room in the prep fridge drawer, I moved things around and ended up with a couple of quarts of milk and a couple of pounds of butter in the meat drawer with the brisket. :) Everything was well wrapped and nothing leaked, so no problem. Food keeps. Mold can happen when mold is brought in, but I have to really abandon milk open for a long long time for it to go sour.

I put my butter box in the second position on the door. One regular bin for water and tall things like soy sauce. Then the butter box, with the top used as a shelf for containers of grated cheese, etc., then the other two bins above for short and medium bottles of condiments and sauces. The bottom drawer is meat, and the second is produce (veg + fruit setting). The deli drawer is a delight and holds everything that has a flat package including tortillas and tempeh. I tend to keep greens on the middle shelf. They seem to like being where everything gets stirred up, so the bags and boxes sit on top of the juice, wine, milk, etc. :) Also, because I have too many veg for it all to fit in the drawer plus the prep fridge.

The Super button on the freezer got so cold that it froze the water in the evaporator, and blocked the fan, meaning no more cooling. After defrosting, everything worked fine. I try not to use that, anymore, and if I need to, I just manually put down the temperature a few degrees, not all the way to -22. I probably used super too much. It's kind of easy to lose ice behind the ice drawer, and if you don't fish it out now and again it can glom up and prevent the ice maker from working. Simple cure if that happens, I accidentally found out that a thin Phillips head screwdriver worked better than an ice pick, because you want to pop off the ice glob, not poke holes in it.

Trying to think of more negatives for you, but I'm coming up short. I keep plastic ice cubes and cold wraps in one of the drawers by the icemaker for booboos, and butter in the other one. And I use the whole clear drawer for ice, just moving it over from the ice bin, which isn't very big. This also clears the ice so that the sensor will drop more. It holds a lot! Just don't block the air vents. :)

The hardest thing is resetting the freezer after changing the water filter. I couldn't make the instructions in the book work, but customer service gave me alternative instructions which I could work with them on the line the first couple of times, and now can do by myself. The problem is, if you don't do it right, you have to close the door and walk away. If you leave the freezer door open too long it'll stop playing and just tell you to go away while it gets cold again.

Every once in awhile the controls stop. The settings you had are still working, but the touch controls don't respond. Just flick the power button, which is under the ledge at the top of the drawer, off and on to reset it, and everything is fine.

BTW, Miele customer service were great when I had that problem with the frozen everything.

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Thank you! I love those handles! I appreciate the in depth info!

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as i have said its my favorite builtin ref &/or freezer on the market besides they have great tech support

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We got our Miele all fridge/all freezer in January. It was the big splurge in my kitchen. I love it. I haven't run out of space in the 30" fridge at all. The freezer is only 18" so things are tight, but I have a second freezer in my basement. I didn't have the space for two full size units. From a quality standpoint I felt Miele was the best of those I considered. It is the same box as the Thermador, but I didn't like the fit and finish of the inside of the Thermadors. I did have to have one service call for a buzzing door switch on the freezer. It was easy to get done and resolved. Don't let the service call scare you, of the 4 new appliances, 3 needed something, the switch was the easiest resolved and the most minor. I would get these again based on my experience so far. I like how the shelves work and I'm able to configure for everything I need. The wide pull out drawers have excellent storage space. I haven't truly tested it, but I do think there is something to the idea that food lasts longer in these types of units. Also if you are going to panel the doors, I felt it was the most hidden of any unit. If it is in your budget, I don't think you will be disappointed.

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