OT...Looking out my Living Room Window during May (pic heavy)

jeannespinesMay 25, 2011

May is always a busy month ... Spring has sprung (usually)...DH & I are usually outside most of the time (my cleaning house skills literally bite the dust!)

But, Spring brings new life ... inspiration & day-to-day cheer ...here's some pics out my window in May:

The Orioles are here! (Baltimore & Orchard Orioles):

DH makes these fruit feeders out of old barnwood & keeps them filled w/grape jelly & sometimes oranges (this feeder has been out about 5 yrs...quite weathered)...here's some Baltimore Orioles:

They perch in the bird arbor area in the front gardens ... here's one in the young Maple tree:

...and on the Barbery bush:

And a Red Breasted Grosbeck ready to fly in to eat at the feeder (blurred Lilac blooms in the backgrd):

Also visiting the feeder is this new Sparrow species for us ... a White-Capped Sparrow:

More Orioles just tempting me to get a pic:

And, finally, a Indigo Bunting...a flighty pretty bird who does not like the camera...but I caught a fairly good shot finally:

That is my new etched blue bottle hummingbird feeder that I chose for my b'day while on vac in MN last Sept...perfect for the Indigo Bunting pic!

Well, lots of others visit ... but I've rattled on...so hope you enjoy. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Oh Jeanne...such lovely - lovely pictures and what beautiful birds outside your window!
I love that you know all the different types too.
There's an Audubon Society near us, and DH & I have often talked of joining their walks.
I got excited when you showed the picture of the
Red Breasted Grosbeck ...just recently we started seeing one at our feeder and loved his colors.
You have to tell me more about your fruit feeder and how DH sets it up. I'd love to make one.
Also, how do you keep the Squirrels from attacking the feeders? That's our biggest problem.
Okay - too many ques.. I'll go...lol
TFS - loved it.


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Jeanne, your pictures are wonderful. I wish we had some of those beautiful birds in our area. I really enjoyed looking out your window.

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Ohhh, just incredible beauty in your yard. I'd sure not be cleaning house either. Let those dustbunnies play, you've got better things to do.
I can't get over all your pretty birds, the ones here are pathetically boring. Black, grey, tan. All I see are doves, grackles, mockingbirds, and sparrows. Even the hummingbirds are boring colors. Pretty birds don't like Phoenix it seems. Even when weather is great. ;o(
You are so lucky to have so many beautiful ones there. And I also envy your fantastic camera skills! WOW.

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, dearly love seeing all your bird pictures. You do have so many pretty ones to enjoy. That's quite the bird feeder with the oranges. So unique and looks like the birds love it too.

Your new etched blue bottle hummingbird feeder that you picked out for your BDay is beautiful. The Indigo Bunting with it is such a pretty picture. So glad you shared all of your beautiful birdie shots w/us. Picture Perfect each one. WOW!!!


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Ditto to what everybody else said.
We have robins, but the majority of the birds I see around here are not that pretty and we have some kind of nasty blackbird that eats other birds hatchlings! UGH!

BTW, the wreath on my front door that I added the nest w/eggs never had any birds try to nest in it!!

I love how you are able to take such breathtaking photos and then whatever you do to soften the edges just makes them perfect.


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Ditto'ing everyones comments too! I love birds and keep a birdbath by my back garden so that I can watch them. Wish we had the really pretty ones you get! Like Candy said, mostly robins, little wrens and occasionally a blue jay. Most hated are the woodpeckers which have been bad this year. DH had to fix the trim around a window this year because one had pecked the cr@p out of it! Errg!


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You are so talented when it comes to photographing birds, well everything else too. We feed the birds, but never have that many different species, those are beautiful and I'm loving the new blue hummingbird feeder also. I too, can not stay in the house and out of the yard.

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What lovely scenes! And what a gorgeous collection of birds. We have a few woodpeckers, chickadees and nuthatches, but mostly we have CROWS! No real beauties like you have photographed so well.

It must be a real treat to look out and see all these great species at your feeders and in your trees. Spring has come finally. Thanks for sharing your terrific pictures.

- Magpie

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Jeanne, I really enjoyed looking out your window.
Thanks for sharing.

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You take the best bird pictures of anyone I know. They always look like they should be on a greeting card or in a magazine. So neat that your DH keeps those feeders stocked for the birds, and what a great shot of the bird with your new blue hummingbird feeder--couldn't have been better if you had planned it. I like Karen's idea of letting the "dust bunnies" play while you enjoy being outside. Mine always seem to play too much--and multiply! I've got to get out and start trimming and cutting things back already, bushes getting too tall and blocking the sprinklers and shrub roses have bloomed their hearts out and are ready to be trimmed back so the other flowers can take center stage for awhile, then they can put on another show later. I don't have the colorful birds here either, but I feed the sparrows and hummingbirds anyway.


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Thanks, Holiday-ers, I'm glad you enjoyed the view from my LR window...appreciate your gracious comments.

jane...the fruit feeder has top & bottom (as seen in pic) w/hole cut out for clear glass custard cup size (so you can see when the jelly is gone!) Plus an archway between the top & bottom for spacing...rope for hanger & 2 screws from the bottom up for the orange halves. Orioles love it...also we get Catbirds who enjoy it.

Squirrels do attack (sometimes)...but fruit feeder is on Shepherd's hook & they don't seem to bother it much...we tap on the windows ALOT! & send our dog out the front door often, too! LOL!

Ahhh, dust bunnies are certainly multiplying around here...but it's ok...got to be out on the nice days! And I've been enjoying the bunny tureens on the forum lately, too! Thanks, everyone! Love the birds! Jeanne S.

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Thanks jeanne on the feeder info...\I'm going to show it to DH.
Tomorrow we are going upstate NY to the annual Flea we've been going to for over 35 yrs...and we wil be on the 'hunt' for one of those squirrel baffles. Outside of banging on the windows...and me sometimes running out there in my pjs...they seem to be very determined to raid the feeders. I thought you might have a different solution I could try...lol
I guess I'll have to keep experimenting. Thanks again for your 'how to' on the fruit feeder.


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You really should enter some of these pictures in a contest or something. They're that good!

We don't get many "pretty" birds here in OK that stay long enough to get a picture, but the birds I do feed every winter is such a joy!

For the past 15 years I've been feeding a covie of Quail in the backyard under the Oaks. Then the Cardinals and other little birds come and I love standing at my kitchen window watching them.

I don't feed in the summer, they have tons of things to eat now.

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Marlene Kindred


I had missed this post before, but these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! You have so many orioles in your yard...we usually only have a couple and I've never seen a Grosbeak in reality, so you are very lucky! And the Indigo Bunting...what a great picture....I caught sight of one a couple of weeks ago, but they are very shy. Your photography skills are amazing!

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