Trevor is selling Blue Star again

nycbluedevilApril 23, 2012

I read it here last week and emailed him to confirm. I am still undecided which way I am going to go. But Trevor has been really helpful when I have asked him questions about ranges and hoods. If his prices are competitive, then I would like to buy from him, so I am really glad that he is selling Blue Star again.

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Can he ship them anywhere or do you have to be in his area?

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Congrats Trevor! I'm really glad you've been able to work things out with them. I think it will turn out to be a win for all parties involved. Hopefully, you will continue to be authorized to do internet sales for both.

Best of luck.

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Darn, I wanted to be the first to congratulate you trevor. Unfortunately I have to work to pay my bills and I got busy at work. So I'll take second :)

To be honest the news is about as surprising as an august hurricane in florida. I knew it would happen, both bs and trevor knew it was not the best for either party, plus you just need to pay attention to some of the info trevor has posted in the past to connect the dots.

This is great news for bs owners, current and future alike. Love trevor or hate him, I don't think there is anyone who can deny that he goes the distance to look after his customers.

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Congratulations, Trevor! It's all about Customer Choice and you have the information and support they need to make an informed decision.

Other dealers sell both from their showrooms, so there's no reason you shouldn't be able to do so, even for delivery nationwide.


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nycbluedevil - I think you are referring to my post, which I posted on an existing thread instead of starting a new thread. His prices are MSRP, but I would think having him on your side if a problem should arise might be worth the discount you can get from online dealers. Depends on your pocketbook and perspective.

seakoz - I believe he can ship anywhere. Call him to verify.

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Thanks for the kind comments above, common sense and business sense has prevailed.

The states we are allowed to ship to are as follows.

And all my price quotes will be exactly as per Bluestar's price list. Those are the rules as laid down by Bluestar, I feel if I am fair with BS so far as pricing and territory goes that will keep them happy, and if I do my job well I can keep my customer happy.

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What's Bluestars current prices on the 30 inch rcs and rnb?

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Congratulations Trevor, and best of luck! I felt really bad that I couldn't buy my Blue Star from you but so glad to see you are selling Blue Star again.

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Great news, Trevor. Congrats! My nephew is moving to Boston and having to leave his beloved Bluestar RCS behind. Their new condo has standard appliances....I give him about six months before he can't stand it any longer and comes to you for info on the CC and BS!

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Great news Trevor. If it had not been for you I would never have known about, let alone bought, a Bluestar. Now I cannot bear the thought of any other range! Your knowledge of Bluestar and CC is par none and it make so much sense that you can offer your customers a choice of open burner ranges. Congratulations!

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It's about time! Does that mean you can now re-post videos of the BS? And to take it a step further, post videos of the BS and CC head-to-head? I have a case of MW popcorn from Costco ready to go. Good luck, Trevor.

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And to take it a step further, post videos of the BS and CC head-to-head?

I think that would be more hurtful to his business than helpful. Better to paint them as more or less equals and let customers simply choose based on their preferences and prejudices. He gets the business either way.

I think if he were to start pitting them against each other again we would just repeat the whole fight of the last 2 years and very little would be accomplished.


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Better to sell them based on the obvious differences like rotisserie, all burners same, choice of burner, looks, on legs versus not, etc, etc. Things that drive clear differentiation.

Getting into the minutia would just extend his sales cycle times and create morass for the customers.


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Having simmer burners hasn't hurt sales of Bluestar... so when is Capital going to put them back in?

Emotionally it sounds great to have all burners the same but I can say that having one of the six burners plus grill on our CC as a simmer burner has not negatively impacted our cooking at all -- in fact it has made it easier.

Seriously, I can't imagine having 6 CC burners all cranked on high at the same time...

It would be interesting to know how the sales numbers match up during the next year or so for Trevor's customers in the sales territory who have the opportunity to cook on both before they buy. That may be a closely guarded secret! I agree with Stooxie that's great to be able the customers choice without confusion.


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Ah, Stooxie -- you're such a killjoy! ;) I was getting ready to settle in next to jscout...

Speaking of popcorn ... it's been hard to fine-tune the making of it on the CC. I always just jiggle a 2qt Revereware pot but it burns -- it's nice and fast but burns of late on my mega-monster-testosterish range. But ... you can let it rip at first and the moment you hear a single pop, snap it back to that controversial "true simmer" and it will carry on the rest of the way just as fast as before, with no burned kernels and really, really soft fluffy popcorn. Yummy. No oil, not necessary.

Um, this would be a CC recipe -- not sure how the BS compares. ;)

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No oil? Where is the pleasure in that? As far as I am concerned, popcorn is just a medium for sebaceous substances!

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Best to use an air popper and then add all of those goodies...

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Welcome back Trevor.

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On the BS that I bought from Trevor, I use a few tablespoons of duckfat, throw in one kernal over med low heat in a ss pot, when it pops add the desired amount of corn, shake until popping ceases. Season w/ s+p and enjoy the ducky goodness.
Glad to see BS back at Eurostoves, and I too hope the instructional videos return.

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