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hostarhodoMay 13, 2011

Yes I have joined the group. Buying tablecloths and napkins at thrift shops, some for me,some for the hall for suppers and weddings.You are definitely to blame, looking at all the beautiful tables you present. I have also bought extra large glass vases, upside down they would be cloches (they are supposed to be for DD wedding July 2012) but of course there is no sense to have them just sitting there unused.

I did an Easter table, loved it, now I have a white tablecloth with a violet colored sheer curtain as a runner across the table and a white with violet flowers placemat and napkin and the cup and saucer plus my grandmothers old all white plate (which I guess comes with age, we appreciate those old things more when we get older). A silver tray in the middle with a violet flowered hanky and a crystal dish holding a large yellow china type rose. My white rose from the hall supper on Mother's Day in a glass container and a silver candle holder with a white taper. A string of pearls casualy strewn on the tray and runner.

See, said it was your fault.

I haven't been on before because my password wasn't working and my camera isn't working either. What a life.

Thanks all for the entertainment.


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hope you get your camera fixed quickly, cause we LOVE pictures on here!

Your tables sound beautiful.
YUP, the enablers on here are very persuasive. They have FORCED me to buy so many dishes/linens/flatware/etc. over the past year, it is hard to believe! LOL


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LOL, you were caught hook, line, and sinker. Woooo Hoooo.
What fun reading your post and 'almost' seeing things with your great descriptions. But that doesn't mean you don't need a camera, LOL.

I don't know what's going on with the password thing, hope some have contacted Garden Web about it. Our Kathleen and Jaybird have been battling this. JB still can't get on, she emailed me the other day. I'm just wondering if some our other missing gang is also being blocked from signing on. :o(

Glad to have you with us, looking forward to more from you.
hugs, Karen

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Betty, so glad to have you join us. I can see that you fit right in.I haven't figured out the picture thing , but I am definately caught, hook, line, and mabe a cinderblock for a sinker, cause I am definately "sunk".Your table sounds so pretty, definately a spring table. This forum has changed my way of looking and thinking about things too. I used to feel like the good stuff had to be saved for special occasions, but as I get older I realize that every day is a special day and that things were ment to be enjoyed. Life is too short to not enjoy everyday! Sure,use the big vases now for cloches, such a waste to save everything for a one day use. Glad you joined us, Janet

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Glad you jumped in here, Betty! Your t'scape sounds wonderful! Yes, many 'Enablers R Us' on this Holiday Forum! So, just go ahead & give in, no use fighting it anymore! LOL! Welcome! Jeanne S.

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How great to have "caught" another poster! Glad you are enjoying yourself and having fun finding pretties to decorate with. Your table sounds lovely, yes, hope you do get a camera so you can share pictures with us too.


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It was fun reading your post.. Sounds like you've developed quite a collection of 'Must Haves' !!
That's how ALL of us started here..like having 'potato chips'...you can't eat just one...
All the Enablers here..just grab you in and you're hooked buying all sorts of 'stuff'
you don't know where to put - but 'Have to Have Them'!
Look forward to see more of you here...and your 'PICTURES'...
In case you didn't know it...that's 'Our Fix' !!


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Welcome, this is the best place ever and your gonna have a blast here. I can't wait for your pictures, all your stuff sounds wonderful.

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Betty, Welcome, you already sound like one of us! Love it that you will be joining us here and I can hardly wait to see some of your pictures.


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Hi Betty, welcome.
This is such a fun place to be, not to mention addictive! All the enablers here will encourage you every step of the way.
Your Easter table sounds lovely. Can't wait to see pictures!

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Hi Betty! Welcome to the best forum on the web! I can hardly wait to see pictures!

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