18x18 or 12x12 on the bathroom floor ?

lilloApril 29, 2013

I am sorry if I am asking too many questions on this web, but I know that you all went through what I am going through and you have a lot of experience . This my first bath renovation , so please bear with me ,I am learning . My bathroom floor dimension is almost 12x 8 ( 139 x 68 ) the vanity will be on the left wall along the 12 foot wall it will be 98 inch x 21 inch . So it's taking like 21 inch from the width . What do you think should I go with the 18x 18 or 12x 12 .

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Hi :) You can ask all the questions you need to ask. I've heard that either would work. I'm real helpful aren't I? I've read that people used even larger tiles in smaller spaces and like it. Look at pictures to see what you like. Large tiles is a more modern look I've read. 12x12 is a classic size. In my bathroom I used 6x12 with contrasting grout. The room is 9x6.5. All that being said you need a level floor for large format tile. So if your floors aren't level you'll probably need to stick with the smaller tile.

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As Enduring said, you'll need a very level floor to use the larger format (18 x 18) tiles but, if you can do it, I'd go with them. Less grout lines, particularly if they blend with the color of the tile, will help make the floor area appear larger. Laying them on the diagonal also helps visually expand the space. Since you'll have a fairly long and narrow floor area, I'd definitely suggest installing the tile on the diagonal.

And don't worry about asking a lot of questions, everyone here can relate to where you are in your project!

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I am not sure about the leveling issue . I know that I hate to feel bumps in my feet from not leveled tiles . To be on the safe side I will go with the 12x 12 . Thank you for your encouragement and taking the time to help me . Your advice is very precious .

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What I mean by level is that the surface is very smooth. Other wise the tile edges will not meet up very precisely, as the tile teeters on a lumpy surface. This will lead to one edge rising above the neighboring tile.

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You don't need a level floor. You need a FLAT floor. The larger the tile, the flatter the floor needs to be.

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Thank you agin enduring and catbuilder. This is exactly what I hate, to trip into tiles corners when I am walking. I love smooth flat surface .

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Lillo - Thank you for asking so many questions! We just started our reno and your questions and the forum's answers are a big help. I am planning to use 12x12 tiles on the floor of my small 8x8 bathroom. I did not plan to set them on the diagonal but stagger them like subway tiles. I wanted to mimic the foyer floor downstairs. Do you think this will make my small bath look smaller? Thank you! Sorry for the hijack.

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Don't worry motherof3inct , we are all trying to learn how to do this right . We are investing so much money and time that we need the outcome to be as perfect as possible. My contractor suggested to me to stagger my tiles subway style too, but I think will look more modern . I want to have a more classic look in my bathroom . I used the subway style in my mud room which is not big , i used 14x 14 tiles , it looks perfectly fine. I will post a picture for you to see it . Good luck in your reno .

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My tile guy said that staggered creates the look of more energy, while traditional grid is more calming. It's kind of abstract thinking, but it was enough to help me decide to go for calm. I also have traditional styling in vanity, lighting, etc. But I'll decide tomorrow when they come to lay the floor.

My kitchen is 18 x 18 staggered. I decided on staggered when he laid them out and explained where the cut and whole tiles would go.

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What is traditional grid? Is that like graph paper, one stacked exactly on top of each other?

My style is traditional so maybe stacked is what I should get. I am replacing 4x4 diagonals so I would like something different.

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Don't forget running bond/brick layout. Diagonal is also more expensive labor wise and waste wise, but it is great looking.

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I was just going through the threads of finished batherooms and I like the way hobokenkitchen did his or her orange wall colored bathroom . I don't know what style they call it , but it's like subway style done diagonally . I really like it , I think it will look nice in the 12x12 white calacata porcelain that I finally found at the tile shop. I'll just show it to my contractor to make sure it's good quality .

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We did 18x18 white marble in one bathroom. If I had to do it again, i would use 24x24. Less grout is better. Plus the large tiles look nicer.

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Here is the picture of my mud room motherof3inct .

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You have a nice layout Lillo, I like the little inset. It is different and sort of formal. Very quiet detail.

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Thank you enduring , this is what I like , traditional but with a twist . I hope I can achieve that in my bathroom.

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Thanks for the pic lillo! I really like your floors. Thats the pattern I wanted, but now that my shower subway tile is going up, I think it may be too much to have it on both the shower walls and floor. I have to give it some thought. My reno just started today and its moving so quickly.

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You are welcome motherof3inct . Your Reno started today , and they are already going up with the shower tile ? Wow , they are very fast . Mine started last week ,and today I just got the plumber working the whole day to put the shower valves , and change drainage places for the double sinks and air tub. What other pattern are you thinking of for your floors ? Look at pictures on Houzz . I think i saw bathrooms with both subway style tiled showers and floors . However , it's your call and what you are comfortable watching everyday in your home . Do you have pictures ? What is your choice of materials ?

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Oops lillo, I made a mistake. My reno started on Monday, but moving quickly. They demo'd to the studs. Tub, drain and valves in, walls back up (except vanity wall), electrical done and tile is up on the long tub wall. This morning I am thinking of still going with the 12x12 brick pattern on the floor. I thought it would be too much pattern with the subway wall tiles, but the subway is only in the tub area and should be covered with a shower curtain (if my kids remember!). I took a few pics on my phone but have to get them on my computer.

I have planned sand colored ceramic subway tiles with a sandy/concrete colored porcelain floor. Colonial cherry double vanity with a beige marble top. White Toto toilet and white sinks. I originally planned sconces, but because of a pipe in the way I can only use overhead fixtures. My goal today is to find robe/towel hooks.

I empathize with you about your tile floor decision (other post). Selecting the tile was my most time consuming decision. Natural stone was not an option for me because of maintenance issues and well water staining. I would have loved to go with basic white subways, but am afraid of staining. Good luck with your tile search!

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Thank you motherof3inct , and good luck for the rest of your Reno. Keep me posted .

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