Should I be a full appliance suite GE guinea pig?

aurorasurApril 30, 2013

I know there are some strong opinions out there about GE. Also, I've learned from this forum that no appliance maker excels in each appliance. So at first I thought I would pick different companies in each appliance category.

For instance, after research, I would be quite pleased with a GE Profie gas cooktop, advantium oven and convection wall oven.

Then, from reading the forum, I was steered towards KA for dishwashers and fridges. We are mid range budget folks, FYI.

First, I cannot find a KA FD fridge big enough with 2 icemakers, which I need for our large family and entertaining. I've looked at LG and Samsung which have these features and they are well ranked. That lead me back to GE. I actually prefer GE's interior and LG and Samsung even seemed more rickety to me. Some on this forum believe that Louisville KY made french doors are promising. But I cannot find any reviews of such. All FD's with in door icemakers, so I know that going into it. Why not go for GE, as opposed to KA, LG, Samsung, (the 2 latter having he rep for long lead time on parts and repairs) ...etc.?

I look at KA dishwashers and even in consumer reports, they don't rank that much better for repairs than GE. Plus the information about KA DW's catching fire, reviews of pieces breaking off of interior drawers, and the general distrust of KA growing since it's become a Whirlpool label now make me nervous. I understand some folks have 8-10 year old outstanding KA dishwashers. But I am buying a brand new 2013 dishwasher and KA sounds like it is a different company now. That brings me back to GE since I need a big dishwasher for a big family that heat dries plastic. That rules out European models even though they are top of the line.

Just thinking this through.... Should I take the plunge and go 100% GE in my kitchen?

Anyone want to talk me off the ledge?

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correction: "All FD's with in door icemakers have repair issues, so I know that going into it."

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Don't take the plunge, plenty of posts here to tell you why most of us here shop for the best appliance rather than buy "Suites".

You would have to look long and hard here to find bad reviews on Kitchenaid Fridges, not that hard to find ones for GE Fridges.

If you look at Ovens, not hard to find bad reviews for KA ovens,
(alto reviews do seem to be getting better), but negative posts about KA Ovens are still more prevalent than negative posts about GE ovens altough we still see those too.

I sure would not rule out Miele DW's, KA or even Bosch.
Why do you think the GE will do a better job drying plastics?
Also compare cycle times, does GE have any advantage there?
At least here in Garden Web, GE DW's are rarer than
"Hen's hair" and there is probably a good reason for that!

We see few complaints about any DW's not drying plastics, be they US or Euros, yeah if there is an indent or water catcher in the plastic, that may not get dry, and if so, "good training for the Kid"s, (LOL).((Please Excuse my dry humor))!

I Love my Electrolux products, Oven, Speed Oven, Induction cook top and wine fridge, but NO WAY would I trade my Miele DW for an Electrolux or my Jenn-air Fridge for an Electrolux.


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My last refrigerator was a GE with a dispenser in the door. Over time, the little sping that held the small door on the ice shoot in place wore out, and the little door would remain propped open a bit, causing ice to form on the inside of the dispenser while allowing cold air to escape from the freezer compartment. I had a service tech out to see about replacing the spring and I was told that the part couldn't be replaced. In order to correct the problem caused by a tiny spring about an inch in size, GE's solution was to replace the entire door, which included the entire dispenser. At my expense, of course.

Dispensers in the door "having issues" is one thing ... how those issues are handled when it comes to repairs is another. That experience kind of scared me off to in-door dispensers, as well as GE.

Since the cost of GE's "repair" was ridiculous, I ended up stuffing a tennis ball up into the shoot to hold the little door in place and continued to use my refrigerator, minus the in-door dispenser, for another several years until I replaced it during a remodel. The loss of the in-door dispenser was a blessing really ... I had already come home once to find ice shooting onto the floor from the dispenser all by itself. I was more than happy to leave it permanently in "lock" mode.

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Please don't get a GE dishwasher!!

The interior configuration on my previous GE Profile SS and I believe other GE dishwashers (they all seem to have similar interior configurations) is horrendous. I had given up on my over $1000 GE profile stainless steel near top-of-the-line dishwasher after just over two years. There was nothing mechanically wrong with it per se, but the overall design made it impossible to get dishes or silverware clean on a regular basis. The top post, for lack of a better term, never really met the back wall appropriately where the water comes in and goes through the top spray arm, so everything on top used to be dirty most of the time. Silverware never came completely clean, dishes & bowls used to fall over on a regular basis, I frequently rewashed almost everything in the dishwasher by hand, and I had three trips from repair people, which helped little. Everything was apparently functioning "the way it was supposed to." Now with my Miele, I have much more usable space, especially with the pull out silverware drawer on top. I have never had so much as a spot on anything after it was finished, and I am using the dishwasher in the same location with the same water and the same detergent. On the other hand, my GE Café convection slide in range is something I love dearly, which followed a GE profile convection range that I also loved and sold after using it for seven years and never having a day's problem with it.

Better to not opt for the "suite."

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