getting rid of gnats

sherry3August 26, 2004

I have cleared our house of all house plants and any fresh fruit. What are any other possible sources for gnats? They're driving me nuts.

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I had the same problem a while back and someone told me they were coming from my sink drain. I think I poured some ammonia down it (can't remember for sure WHAT I poured but ammonia sounds right) and it stopped the problem.

Maybe someone else has a more definitive answer on what to do to end the gnat problem!


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Yup that's what it most likely is - drain flies. Pour ammonia down the drain and let it sit for a little bit before flushing with water. That should take care of the little beasties!

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Sounds like you may have drain gnats, but...

If you have gnats in your houseplants, you don't have to clear the plants out...

Buy a package of mosquito dunks, float a piece of dunk in a container of water overnight and use the water to water your plants. The BT (odorless, non-toxic) will kill the fungus gnat larvae just like it does mosquito larvae, stops the breeding soon as the adults have died (and they don't live long) - no more houseplant fungus gnats. You may have to treat once or twice if you have a severe infestation, and you can re-use the dunk, alternate wetting and drying doesn't affect it.

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MorZ8, What a great tip! I have a hanging impatiens outside, that is full of mosquitoes! And I thought I would just have to live without container plants! I love your idea! I have to try it.

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Thanks for the suggestion on the ammonia. I think (so far) it's doing the trick.

Do people pour ammonia down their sinks regularly as maintenance or just when the gnats appear?

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For me, I just do it when I see those drainflies coming around. One or two treatments works, as long as DH does not come behind me and run the water :-)

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i use bleach instead of ammonia - its a stonger oxidant (killer) than ammonia - and is a little easier on my sinuses than ammonia... either will work... just dont mix the two...

if you are having a bug problem, be sure to splash all of your drains with a little chlorine - particularly a floor drain in the basement - or sink that doesnt get used very often - its the stagnant not used very often p-traps that will harbor little critters... typically i would flush a some water first and then dribble a little bleach in slowly so it doesnt get washed down the drain but does sit in the p trap - then dont use that drain for at least 15 minutes or more after you put the bleach in it ...

it is common maintenance practice to flush your drains regularly with water - an unused floor or sink drain can become completely dry thus allowing odors or other things to come back into the house... i only do the bleach if i think there is excessive odor or a bug problem. its more of a problem at work than at home but its the same issue -

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We've now tried ammonia and chlorox (separately) and the pest control guys tell us they need to treat the area around the house as well. Perhaps it is the moist climate we live in.

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Maintenance man said gnats are coming from the garbage disposer.He said boric acid from the dollar store will kill them fast and it worked!!!

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I have never heard of drain gnats. Does this happen in only certain parts of the country?

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I have been looking for a way to get rid of the buggers to.

The pest control guy told me they where coming up the drains here at the apartments ..

He put some stuff in the drains and told me to put bleach down the drain..

LOl now that I searched the net for information I remember seeing them fly around outside during the day in big packs...

I will bleach the drains every day for a week just to see what happens..

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I have several houseplants in my dining room window getting plenty of sun. I sometimes see those rotten bugs flying around the soil line. Think I'll give them a spray with Raid. My kitchen sink looks clean.

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I have never had this problem before in CO till now. We have a septic tank, many of these chemicals will reduce the "good" organisms in the tank. Anyone have suggestions for my situation?

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My husband an I live in the basement of his grandmothers house,an we have tried the vinager an dish washing liquid idea,but it doesn't seem to be working to well..Only caught 2 gnats in the we are still seeing a lot of baby gnats that fly around..Not sure where they are coming from...Do you have any other suggestions that could help us get rid of them??Please let us know..Thanks

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Will drain cleaners like Draino or Liquid Plumber kill the gnats in my drain?

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They will but they are hard on you pipes. I would use plain old bleach instead. Cheaper.

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I'm having the same problems with the gnats from the drains! We have the aerobic septic system with the bacteria in it so I can't put many things down the drains unless it's septic safe. We do use a mixture of vinegar and yellow dish detergent that attacks and kills them but I need something that will stop them from coming out of the drains. Any suggestions that will help that is septic system safe?? Thanks!

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Vicki - a LARGE pot of boiling water dumped into each drain, one pot per drain (enough to partly fill the sink with the bloiling water)

Also, keep the stopper in the drains closed. They can't lift it.

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I finely found on e-bay to get some mosquito dunks without paying a small fortune for them. I'm waiting for them to come in so I can use the liquid on my house plants and finley get rid of these GNATS.I never thought to use these gunks for my plants, I'd forgotten how close these pests are related to mosquitos......

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I have never heard of drain gnats, maybe it is only a problem in certain climates.

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We had gnats last fall that were worse than I've ever witnessed! Found a wonderful way to get rid of the ones in the house. Place a peeled banana in a clear fruit jar with tin foil placed over the top. Poke small holes in the tin foil. They will get in - but not back out. Then dispose of them outside.

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I can't wait to try this. I had issues with biting gnats in my yard in the Spring. It will be interesting . . .

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It works well. I use the same method and they're gone within a day. Once they're in the jar, I stick the whole thing in the freezer for a day to kill them, then wash it out and start over again if needed. Even pesky bugs deserve a humane death!

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