Glass block partition: what size blocks?

SusanCFApril 3, 2012

Our new, rather small, master bath is going to have a partial glass block partition to separate the tub from the counter area.

Actually, the head of the tub butts up to a low wall (maybe 32" high) that holds the bathtub plumbing, and the glass partition will sit on top of that wall. The partition will be only about 32 inches wide and about 56 inches high, stopping a foot or so short of the ceiling.

We could go with 8x8, 6x6, or even 4x4 blocks. My inclination is 8x8, which divides nicely into 32 and 56 :-). I am a little concerned that it will look too chunky.

What did you use in your bath or other area? I've looked at pictures of glass block structures on, but they never seem to mention the dimensions of the blocks.

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