Memorial Day T'scape...A few hrs left til Memorial Day!

jeannespinesMay 27, 2012

I enjoyed getting back & doing a t'scape ... it was very hot & humid here no outside work & I did shop for a few flowers of which I used in my Memorial Day t'scape.

These are Gerbena Daisies that will go in my gardens soon...I potted them in a cobalt blue lidded crock...the kind that cheeses come in! Worked pretty good on this TS large plate with R/W/Blue candles ..& a bit of cut shrubbery from porch garden:

You've seen that framed girl w/the flag before...I love that print! Here's a couple place-settings ... white dinner plates I bought on sale when I first joined this forum...everyone used white dinnerplates as a staple & these are F&Floyd from BB&Beyond:

Salad plates are 3 diff flowers ... GWill find a yr or two flatware last yr from TJMaxx napkins from there, too, I think:

Bunny napkin rings I've used at Easter...but figured since the bunnies are out eating my gardens that I can sure have bunnies in my decor! LOL! So put the S&P Bunnies here, too...along w/TS teapot:

Another place-setting view...the stemware is from a consignment shop last summer ... Crown Corning Blue Tulip Wine...I remember I was thrilled to find a cobalt blue!

Here's another view:

And full view of the porch table! TFLookin'! Happy Memorial Day ... we are dedicating the new Vets Memorial tomorrow at 9 am & are so pleased to have one now in our local small town! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, what a neat memorial tablescape. Love your new red Gerbena Daisy you potted up in your cobalt blue lidded crock. Looks great with the red, wht and blue candles for the cp. I think your little framed print is so neat too. Reminds me I have some flag prints stashed somewhere that I usually put out.LOL

I laughed about using bunnies since they are out eating your gardens. They are cute but I wouldn't want them in my gardens. The French Floral salad plates are so pretty. Great find!

It's been a rainy weekend here so far. I decided to clean out most of my winter clothes today and bring out the summer ones. I'm also going to donate alot and try to not buy so much next winter.ha

Hope you have nice weather tomorrow. Enjoyed seeing your table and love the angled picture.


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Thank you, punk...I've posted on your post twice yesterday & neither one are there...I'm going to go try again! Aargh! I can send some 'bunnies' to your place (if you like) :-) & the placemats are a lighter blue denim that I found TSing in MN on vac last Fall. Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, your table turned out great. Love the red flowers along with the candles. The wine glasses almost look like a flower with their graceful shape. Isn't Spring wonderful--in spite of the garden eating bunnies? LOL


P.S. I didn't remember to plant hollyhock seed in the fall, but I have a "volunteer" one that came up and is just now starting to bloom. I saved allot of seeds from the ones that bloomed last year, just need to remember to plant some this fall.

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Oh happy you have a Hollyhock starting to bloom...not blooming here yet! Alot of seeds ...they should be fine in the Fall!

Thanks, punk & luvs, for your comments ...I've been MIA w/posting & hope to get back more...summer is here & always so busy & I love being outside! June will be here this weekend! Yikes! Time flies! Jeanne S.

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Lovely table & love the red Gerbenas, blue glasses & of course the bunny napkin holders & salt & peppers! Those lunch size plates with blue flowers are so nice. Love to see a really beautiful plate. Your photo made me remember I bought a print or maybe magazine cover from July 1942 35cents framed Vogue magazine with 2 flags & woman with long white gown waving in wind like the flags Says "United We Stand" under Vogue & in left bottom corner it says war bonds, stamps, victory. Glad I saw your pic or I would have forgotten to get it out for the 4th coming up. Back is covered & sealed with paper so don't know if reprint or actual cover, it's 11 x 14 & larger with the blue mat & frame.Frame is plain wood,walnut finish I think. I paid $2.98 for it at TS. I just love stuff like that. Jan

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Jeanne, this is such a pretty table. It is just right for your porch. The print of the little girl with the flag is perfect on this table.
I love how the light blue denim placemats and dark blue napkins highlight your lovely plates.
I think the bunny napkin rings and S&P's are so sweet.
Thanks for sharing.

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Jeanne..I LOVE this table setting - Seeing it set up on the porch gives me such a nostalgic feeling of when I
visited family in Ohio during the summer and everyone had a porch where we enjoyed our meals.
Your Blue & White dishes (my first love affair with dishes)..are just beautiful -
The red touches of your flatware and the colbalt blue stems not to mention those beautiful daisies..just make it all pop.
I remember and LOVE that framed print of the little girl w/the
perfect and again so nostalgic.
We've been having some very hot & humid temps too and also rain-rain-rain, so it was especially nice to see the 'Crisp & Cool' table setting you created for Memorial Day...AND - of course, on your lovely porch! Love it..

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Thanks, sunny, nana & jane ...
Get out that flag print, sunny! It sounds wonderful! inspired me to do this table...I've been slacking in the holiday decor!

jane..keep healing am missing your beautiful t'scapes & decor ...glad this could take you back to Ohio for family visits! ;-) Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, what a pretty table! Your white table and chairs are such a nice backdrop for this tablescape.
Those blue goblets are gorgeous and the floral plates too!!
The daisy looks super in the blue pot and that picture is so sweet. All the red, white, and blue is so pretty and perfect for the holiday.

We have more than our share of wascawee wabbits around here and wish they would go somewhere else as they ruin the grass!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday.


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Beautiful setting Jeanne!
Love love love the little bunnies (which of course I noticed first , even if they are a gardeners
Your blue glasses are so elegant looking and the flower plates fit perfectly.
Your room looks so light and airy, a wonderful place for a little sit down with a great view to boot. Makes me pout that all I see out the window is the neighbors privacy fence... blah. lol

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Jeanne, your table is just lovely! The centerpiece is perfect, simple but so eye-catching. And you know that I love the addition of all the white bunnies (and tea pot). I am a firm believer that bunnies go with any and all holidays. LOL. Probably cause my house is overrun with the non-real kind. And none of those in the yard causing mischief, thanks to my life as a city dweller.

Sorry I'm late to all the Memorial celebrations. And I never did get out my decor either. I'm going to give myself one more chance...4th of July...and if it stays packed again this year (be two in a row), then it will have to go. New rule I'm trying to enforce, stuff can NOT stay packed several years without seeing the light of day. I need to let someone else enjoy it if I can't.

Anyway, I definitely enjoyed seeing your pretty things and am so glad you decorated for "us" here. ;o)
hugs, Karen

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