Removing years of hard water stains off of aluminum?

jessica_ohAugust 6, 2004

When I moved into dh's house three years ago, his shower was the typical bachelor's shower. I have tried for three years to remove these hard water stains and have had no luck.

We have sliding shower stall doors. They are plastic/plexi glass type doors (think cheap) and the metal around them is probably aluminum. NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING I have tried has worked.

Can you give me anymore suggestions?? We are hoping to sell our house and there's no way I can show this room with the metal looking like that.

We are to the point of just replacing them and then using a towel to dry them off after each use. But this is costly.

ANY ideas??



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What HAVE you tried?

I don't want to suggest things you havew tried, and my mind-reading ability is poor today.

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Sorry I should have put that in my original message. Thy fingers are faster than thy mind!! :)

Alright, I've tried, Bar Keeper's Friend, Comet, CLR, LIme Away, Vinegar, Clorox with Teflon, Anything meant to clean hard water stains.

Is there maybe an aluminum specific cleaner out there, maybe for outdoor furniture??? I'm so frustrated!!!


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Yes there is aluminum cleaner at hardware stores. I have never used it though.

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Any acid-based cleaner like CLR, vinegar, or Lime Away should work. Since they did not, I wonder if you have something other than HW stains. Perhaps the Al is permanently etched/pitted and that is what you are seeing.

Just a thought.


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