wand/mop to clean the OUTSIDE of the toilet?

lov2gardenAugust 5, 2007

I'd like a way to clean the outside of the toilet without having to get so upclose & personal with it. I've been trying to think of something with a wand or handle that could clean the curved surfaces almost like an ostrich feather duster does.

If you've solved this problem, please share!

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I normally use the disposable wipes for routine and if it's really bad, spray the daylights out of it and wads of paper towels. But I've also started using the Mr. Clean Magic Reach more and more. Don't have to bend over with it. Can use the disposable wipes made for it or put paper towels on it and use spray. Can also do the floor with it and with the pointy ends it's easy to get around the odd shapes. It's not perfect, but does a pretty good job. I have a long handled scrub brush that would work well but I'm not much into the bucket & brush routine anymore. There's also the Clorox wand thing but it's a shorter handle, and IMO not as versatile as the Mr. Clean deal.

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I don't mind getting close but my old back don't like bending down that far so I wrap those really tough paper towels about twice around an ordinary toilet brush and wash under and around and in the corners I have difficulty reaching.

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I posted this before, in a thread I initiated; Use one of those scrunchy nylon bath puffs that come on a handle. They get into any curved surface or corner. Spray the the outside of the toilet and scrub with one of these. All the water that runs to the floor will be mopped up when you do the floor right afterward.

These plastic scrunchy bath puffs for great for doing curved shower stalls and tubs. I wouldn't use the same one as I use for the toilet though. Get a different color for each job and don't mix them up.

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Before I read your post on the nylon net balls, I found what I was wishing for and have ordered it. I wlll report back but it's not supposed to arrive until the end of August. It's called a Toilet Bowl Swab but my idea is to save it to used on the outside of the toilet since that is where my problem is. Now we will have to see if it actually works. If anyone has already tried this gadget, please share your experiences.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toilet Bowl Swab

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Wow, I didn't even know they made something like that for bathroom cleaning and it is not outragously priced either. And here I was so proud of my bathing scrunchee on a handle idea, for cleaning. Some corporate conglomerate stole my idea! LOL. Thanks for posting the link. I like that one, as it has the squeegee cup with it. I am curious if it fits in a standard decorative toilet scrub holder? Let us know please.

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I like your scrunchee net idea too since it will probably scrub better when needed.

There is a holder to fit the swab and now that you mention it, I should have ordered one since it would be a good place to hang it while it dries out. OK, you convinced me! I'll see if I can add to my order now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Holder for the Swab

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Let us know how you like the Swab Brush. I read the description on the Fuller site and it says the swab is made from acrylic. I am picturing acrylic yarn and that does not seem like something that would remain clean looking and sanitary.

The scrunchee thing is non-porous and my pink one looks as good as the day I bought it. It even fits in my decorative, standard sized, ceramic toilet brush holder. I don't have a vanity to store things under the sink and do not want to have to run to the basement to retrieve a cleaning tool.

Here is a link that might be useful: My previous thread.

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Here is one from LNT that looks like it is just made for cleaning the outside of a toilet:


Mine I use for the tub has a 'poufy' snowball end. I couldn't find a pic. I like the bright colors these have and they never look 'icky' and dirty.

Here is a bath brush that actually looks like a toilet scrub brush:


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Hey-hey, you can use that to wash your back when bathing too :o) That is if you don't use the same one to clean the toilet too.

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I cannot get on my knees anymore to clean toilets. I tried bending over and messed up my back. I think the scrunchie idea is great!I just bought the Sudsy Scrubber by O Cedar...it's for doing dishes. It's a little sponge mop on a handle. And the handle is hollow so that you can put dish detergent in it. I plan to use it by dipping it in my bucket of sudsy water that I would use on the floor. It's a fairly small sponge, but I plan to give it a try. I clean houses, so I REALLY need something to help me reach behind the toilets and to clean the outside of the bowls.If that doesn't work, I will use the scrunchy nylon puff on a handle idea. I love this website!!!

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