Stopped at a ts today

phonegirlMay 30, 2011

I was on my way to DS's house to clean for him and there was a sale so stopped in. I didn't really need any of this but it was fun visiting with the ladies and I wanted to help out. The proceeds are going to help kids in need so I bought a few things I wouldn't of normally purchased. All about helping out.Right?

I think I will see if DH will paint the brass candleabra and candle holders. They are all hinged so could be set in different ways. Had to buy my PH Crystal Hurricane and another set of candle holders. The bowls are generic but I liked the green flowers on them.

There were only 7 each of these napkin rings.

Found a few more Christmas goodies. I love Angels, Kirkland deer votive holder, little boots are ones someone made in ceramics. Not sure what I will do with the Jesters but they might look good on a poker table.LOL

How about a few Halloween treasures too? Little Casper Night Light, a couple of Tender Heart items, scary skeleton and also a bear all dressed up and a fall pumpkin.

Wanna see my sweet bunny up close? Here he is.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


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Ahhhhhh...that's for your 'sweet bunny' close-up! Sweet is right...what a pose! Looks like scored alot!

I am lovin' the 'jesters'...don't know why???...that are just unusual & yes, they will be great in a t'scape! Also that gold angel looks like a real cute one!

Also those plates look familiar in the 1st pic...I think you will find a great use for them with your 'stacking' place-setting skills! Pretty flowers!!!

Looks like you got alot of holidays covered! And I hope your son truly appreciates your cleaning skills, too! Sweet of you. TFS, punk. Jeanne S.

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Punk, you got a lot of nice goodies! Thank you for sharing.

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What fun things, Punk. I love looking at everyone's treasures.
The Jesters would be great for Mardi Gras also, I think.
That bunny is too cute, looks so sure of himself. Not at all shy, maybe he is trying to impress a cute little girl bunny.
My DGD called me Sat. She stopped at a YS. and found some things she thought I would like. She was right, I do like them and NEED them. lol I'll post pictures soon.

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You found lots of neat goodies. I think painting the candle holder is a great idea and since it is adjustable, you will be able to use it lots of ways. Love the face and "attitude" on your cute bunny guy, he's a cutie. Gosh, Christmas and Halloween too, how fun. Your son is very lucky to have a Mom who will come clean for him--especially when she probably works longer hours than he does! Glad you made a fun trip of it. Luvs

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Punk...for someone who didn't need anything - You Made A Killing!!
First off, that bunny is adorable, and what great Halloween & Christmas decos. You're going to have lots to choose from when you decorate next season. Great angels and napkin holders (only 7) that's interesting. Also those Jesters are different..I'd like to see how you use them. Good idea on painting the candleholder. I want to see when you do that too.

A Mom's job is 24/7 - FOR LIFE....I agree with Luvs..what a lucky son to have you clean for him...I hope he realizes just how lucky he is to have you.


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Wow, you really scored!! Of course, I like all the Christmas items.
The skull is too scary for me, but the other Halloween items are cute.
I would have loaned DS the vacuum, LOL. He is very lucky/spoiled?? to have Mom do that for him.


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Marlene Kindred

Wow! What a haul! You got a little bit of everything! Yay for you and your successful shopping day!

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Thanks for all your comments on my um, Goodies!

Jeanne, I couldn't just buy for one Holiday with the selection so I tried to get some for ea one. DS offered to pay me to clean his house while he was on vacation. He had a showing today and wanted it to look nice. Our children are very special to me and I try to help when ever I can.

Marylee, glad you enjoyed seeing all my finds.

Nana, the jesters would work for Mardi Gras but they will not be the right colors. Guess that's what we call contrast. I have never set a MG table but these may be my inspiration.

I'm so excited to see what your DGD found for you. Hope to see pictures soon!

Luvs, glad you enjoyed all these things. I haven't ask DH to paint the candle holders yet but it's coming. DS is the sweetest guy and loves a clean home. He has 2 businesses so works more hours than I do most of the time. He has everything for sale and would like to go to Honduras for a couple of months. DD & I would love to bring him back to help with our businesses but not sure he wants to work with all us girls.

Jane, all of these things I bought should be fun to accent with. I'm always buying things at Ross and TJ Maxx but ys are so much cheaper and alot more fun. DS always tells me he loves me every time we talk. Pretty appreciative guy and he's always wanting to pay for everything when we go shopping. NO I don't let him. I tell him I'm the mom and it's my job to spoil him.

Candy, I'm not suprised you like the Christmas items best. I've always liked a little scary for Halloween so that light up, noise making skull really called to me. Remember my Indian Joe I showed last year?LOL

We bought DS a iRobot Roomba a couple of years ago at Christmas so his main part of the house is always vacuumed every day. He better know he's lucky/spoiled or I haven't done a very good job.haha

Marlene, glad you enjoyed seeing all of the things I picked out.

I have to work on Sat. so hope I can find a few good sales before we open.LOL Funny thing, I didn't have many bunnies when I started here but you ladies have me checking for them every time I shop. TJ Maxx has a couple of cute ones but I'm hoping to find them at a ys instead.

I just brought in 2 totes to start filling.

FYI...We ran to Walmart tonight and picked up some nice wreaths at 50% off for next memorial day.


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What great finds! This must be a very large TS. I especially love the dogwood bowls. By all means paint the candleholder. I have painted brass items--just have to spray-prime them first so the paint will stick.

I have been collecting "Santa boots" this past year. I saw in some magazine (my weakness!) a small collection of ceramic and plastic ones, each one planted with a tiny fir tree. I really liked the look of that.

The jesters are SO unusual, good job on spotting them!

- Magpie

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How did I miss commenting on this post! I'm glad you covered a few holidays with the new goodies you found...a girl after my own heart. LOL

I think those flower bowls are really pretty. And all those Santa boots will be great fun to decorate with! They might even be cute as placecard holders or something on a tablesetting. Especially with the Santa napkin rings!
The Halloween Bear is just adorable, and the colors on the pumpkin really pretty.
Your bunny...sweet? I don't know, he looks awfully flirty. LOL He's doing his best to attract some female attention I think.

You definitely made a haul. Way to Go!
hugs, Karen

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Magpie, thanks for the tip on using primer first. I'll pass this on to DH. This sale wasn't real big but had a great variety.

The boots with trees planted in them sound fun. I don't think the ones I got are big enough to plant a tree it but you are making me think.LOL

The jesters are sitting in my window sill waiting for me to come up with a plan for them. If I put them away I'm afraid I'll never pull them back out.

Karen, thanks for the idea using the boots as place card holders. The bat bear and pumpkin were new and I couldn't leave them. I'm sure it's you who got me looking at bunnies and this one does have a look.LOL

Thanks for your comments. I'm hoping I might find a ys on the way to work. Wish me well and I'll share if I do.


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Punk, you could "plant" the tiny bottle brush trees in the boots. The kind you see in Village set-ups.

Keep shoppin' and sharin',
hugs, Karen

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Karen, Your so smart! I don't know why this wouldn't work. I'm lovin' this idea of using little bottle brush tress. I'm getting ready to head out so maybe I'll get lucky and find some this morning! I may have a couple with some of my village things so will try to remember this. If not please remind me. Thanks.


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Punk, here's an example of similar ideas as to how it might look with tiny trees....

hugs, Karen

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Karen, these are so cute and I didn't find any bbt this weekend but after seeing these one could use other greenery too.

Thanks so much for sharing your creative mind and pictures with us.


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