Capital range self clean, how much fuel?

pumpkinhouseApril 14, 2014

I am considering a 48" Capital Culinarian self clean range. I remember reading the self clean cycle is a few hours long. This will be propane, and with the high propane costs recently, I'm concerned about how much fuel the self clean feature will use. Any ideas?

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you'll have to call Capital on that one.

They may not even know as I don't think it's a "standard" measure for engineers of ovens.

Maybe you should get an electric model if electricity is cheaper per BTU in your part of the country.

I think you are way over analyzing it. You're about to spend several thousand dollars on an oven , and then a few bucks worth of gas is going to present an ongoing budget crisis for you ??? How often are you planning on cleaning it ?

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On a $10k plus range you are worried about the cost of fuel?

Or are you worried about going through your propane tank quickly ?

How often do you plan on using the self-clean feature?

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In a self clean cycle most of the energy consumed is during the heat up phase. Once the self clean temp is achived, around 850 deg for most ovens, it take very little energy to maintain the temp.
In general it cost less to use self clean than it does to purchase a can of easyoff.
Since your on Propane it probably is under 1/4 gallon to run your self clean.

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Propane in our area was more than $6 a gallon this past winter. I wasn't sure how long the oven consumed fuel before it shut off. If the cycle is 6 hours, maintaining a super high heat for that long could potentially burn a lot of fuel. So yes, I am concerned about energy use, as we all should be. If the estimate of 1/4 gallon for the whole cycle is accurate, then I'm ok with that.

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Why don't you buy your propane in the middle of summer when it's cheap ?

Is electricity cheaper in your area?

Jakvis, what are you basing your projection on?

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I actually went to the Capital factory, took a tour with one of their engineers. I went in dead set on getting the self-cleaning Culinarian and was convinced by the engineer to save the money and get an all gas model. He showed me how easy it is to keep clean with just a spray of degreasing cleanser and then a wipe down while the oven is still warm. Both he and the owner of Capital were very pro manual clean. Also, you get more oven capacity. Mine hasn't been installed yet so I can't yet say I made the right decision, but you might consider the manual clean yourself if you're worried about the energy usage.

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