Cleaning mold in bathtub/shower

solomongrundyAugust 30, 2009

Moving out of my apt and my ex-roommate apparently did not do a good job of cleaning the tub/shower.

I had maids come over to clean the entire 2bd/2ba apt and I noticed what looked like two dark perpendicular lines in the left back corner of the tub. I asked one of the maids and she said that it was mold that was...I think she implied that it was in the "rubber" (for lack of the correct term). She said that if she scrubbed any harder, the rubber was going to come off.

I don't want to get charged for this when I finalize the move on Monday and was going to attempt to use something like 409 to see if that did anything.

Any suggestions?

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Try bleach.

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Is it clear calking that has become dark with mildew beneath it? If so you can't clean it from the top. Just pull it up and clean with bleach; let it dry well and replace the calking.

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If the mold is behind the calking it won't come out no matter what you use. The only cure is to remove the calking and recalk.

You can try bleach and that might get it if it seeps behing the calking.

If this is an apartment though, I would just leave it. It is not a matter of not cleaning but of regular maintenence. Calking has to be replaced every few years no matter how well you clean. If this is all the landlord has to do he is getting off easy, so don't let him dock you

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Dap Quik Seal does mold underneath & rather quickly too! It is pretty dry in CA. but molds anyway & I'm replacing it almost on yearly basis. Used to last a couple of yrs. Tried the more expensive gold label Quik Seal Plus & didn't notice any difference besides price! I use it as at least you can dig it out! DD has stuff that forms a plastic like impossible to remove line that also molds & can't be cleaned I went over it with the Dap Quik Seal, looks better. I imagine they took out something to "green it up" so reason it no longer works for very long.

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