Capital Culinarian igniter issues

rexroatApril 26, 2014

We have been having multiple issues with our burner igniters and I wanted to see if anyone else has had the same issues with their Capital Culinarian. Our CC unit is not yet 3 years old.

We have regularly had the clicking when the burner is set to simmer which we occasionally address with the instructions others have posted here on this forum.

More recently, one of igniter valves has failed. The eye won't light unless lit by an outside fire source. We brought in a repairman a few months ago to address it and he did an adjustment to make it able to ignite if the knob was turned JUST SO. That is no longer working.

We are not interested in regularly calling in a repairman to make this adjustment. So we are at the point where the valve for the igniter needs to be replaced.

We contacted Capital to see if they would warranty this part. We were told it is out of warranty and the only help they would give us was to pass along the names of area repair companies they recommend. The retailer that the unit was purchased from has since gone out of business so our extended warranties are not in effect.

Has anyone else had an igniter valve on their CC fail? I have to say between the clicking on simmer and failing igniter valve we are questioning our Captial purchase.

Just wondering if others are having similar issues.

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rexroat one else with igniter valve issues?

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