lint free cloths or paper towels?

jiggreenAugust 11, 2004

hi all!

i am sooo frustrated with paper towels and cloth towels leaving lint on surfaces i am trying to clean!! i have tried many different types/brands and it seems like some are better than others, but none are lint-free. i am currently using Bounty paper towels. the problem is most noticeable on my stove. it is an all black gas stove, baked on enamel finish and extremely high gloss (word of advice, this kind of stove is beautiful but extremely high maintenance!) can anyone recommend cleaning cloths that will not leave lint or streaks on my stove or glass surfaces?

thanks a lot!


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I can! I can!

Miracle cloths. Plain and simple. You can buy them almost anywhere. Got mine at Walmart.

When I clean my shiny black cooktop, I take a papertowel, wet it and put about a nickel size amount of the cooktop cleaner on it and wipe it all over the stove top. Then I use a dry Miracle Cloth and it shines to perfection!

Here is a link that might be useful: miracle cloth

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thanks sooooooooooo much!! i will run to walmart tomorrow to buy some of those miracle cloths!!

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Ditto Shaun's suggestion. I have the black glass stove top also. I clean it with Greased Lightening then polish it with Miracle Cloths. Piece of cake!

Also, I have heard that the more expensive paper towels have chemicals in them that cause streaking. I use Viva for most jobs and buy a cheap brand just for cleaning glass.

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Microfiber is a great material

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I use Viva, too, because of the same problem. Have not tried Miracle cloths yet.

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I also LOVE Viva Papertowels, they feel like cloth don't they?

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I swear by it. Not one bit of lint, no streaks.
And I use lavender vinegar & water for cleaning most surfaces. Again, no streaks, no rinsing, and way cheaper....

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Carina - lavender vinegar? I've never heard of that. Do you make it yourself or can you buy it? Does it smell any better than regular vinegar? Interesting..... pls let me know.

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i too am wondering about lavender vinegar!
haven't been able to find the "miracle cloths" yet...but i did buy some Mr. Clean Reusable Wipes and they seem to be working okay so far.
i forgot about the newspaper trick for cleaning glass surfaces, thanks carina for reminding me!

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I have lavender growing in my yard - I just squish several sprigs into a bottle of white vinegar and let it sit outside in the sun...sort of like making sun tea. :)
I did the same thing with fresh rosemary.
It doesn't smell really strong like the scented linen water, but it does have a nicer scent than plain vinegar.

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thanks for responding Carina!

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Carina, I grow lavender and used vinegar to soften my laundry. Even though I don't smell the vinegar in the clothes, that sounds like a nice idea, to make lavender vinegar and use that (for both laundry and cleaning shiny surfaces).

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I have always found that paper towels leave streaks on my black glass-top cooktop. So first, I clean with Windex and paper towels to remove any cooking residue. Next, I use the cleaner that is designed for cleaning these - it is a mild liquid cleanser and smells like it also contains alcohol. I apply this with a paper towel and then (here is the secret) wipe clean and buff with a soft lint-free rag. Hubby's old undershirts work the best. This leaves a shiny and streak free surface. (I should know, our kitchen has very bright lighting and shows every imperfection!)


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