Tub materials, Aqua Glass brand tubs good for the price? ?

lesviolinApril 1, 2012

Hi all - Finally we are in the real hunting stages for our bathroom redo and I could use some advice please -

Specifically we are looking for a 6 foot 36 inch wide center drain drop in soaker. Have seen and sat in various ones and the acrylic seems so flimsy, my husband is a big guy and he wasn't happy with it at all. Are the fiberglass reenforced ones a better option? Or does it have more to do with how the tub is installed, with use of supporting material etc. We are trying to avoid heavier materials due to weight concerns.

Just pricing out tubs I saw this brand Aqua Glass online at the US Lowes site, Anyone have an opinion on this brand (or recommendations for a better one ) I don't think I have seen it here in Toronto Ontario so don't know about it. If it turns out to be okay the prices seem good I could go to Buffalo to get it. We can get a lot of cool stuff here but the variety and prices in general seem much better in the US ;-)

Thanks and sorry for the long message! Leslie

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I have two Aquaglas units in my house, but they are both acrylic. Acrylic seems much thicker, sturdier to me than fiberglass.

We installed a one piece, no seams, in DH's bathroom about 18 years ago - looks as good as new. It also has the dome top with swing-out door with fixed side panels.

I have an old one pice tub/shower combo that is about 30 years old (harvest gold - dont' laugh). It is still in immaculate condition. Will be updating that soon with another acrylic shower. Will probably go with AquaGlas again.

I will point out that the one's I have looked at in bathroom fixture stores are much better quality than those at Lowe's - but they cost more also.

It is recommended by the pros to put a mortar bed under the units, but I know that we did not. DH says he thinks they put some 2 x 4 type braces under ours. Regardless, even not using the mortar bed, mine are are very sturdy - no flexing at all. When guests use our showers, they always comment that they don't feel like the typical builders grade fiberglass showers.


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I have a 5' tub/shower enclosure in our spare bathroom. Granted, we don't use it often, but I have used it and it feels very nice and sturdy, after almost 13 years & is still bright white. It has bathed many grandkids. Plus, one of our sons weighs around 250 lbs and he says it does not flex. We too purchased ours at a bathroom fixture store, not a big box store. The side walls are textured to look like subway tile, a nice feature.

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