Cleaning police fingerprint powder from car?

maymesterAugust 28, 2010

My car was broken into. The police dusted the outside of the doors. I went to the car wash but noticed a gray,foggy area where the powder was( it's a black car) I tried buffing it with a microfiber cloth with no luck. Any suggestions?

One good thing out of all this - they caught the guy!

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You need to wash it again with hot tap water and soap. The main ingredient in finger print powder is charcoal ground very fine. Because it's so fine it often doesn't come off the first time but will eventually wash off.

Nice that they caught the guy--sometimes they don't. My son had his truck broken into in a secure parking garage in his building, but they couldn't get it out of the garage. The truck wasn't stolen but they smashed the ignition and did some other damage

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