cleaning basement carpet

sheilaaus122August 17, 2008

(not sure where to ask..)- we are thinking of having our wall to wall basement carpet cleaned. It is on padding which is not glued down.

About a year or 2 ago the water heater had a crack and a portion of the carpet got wet. We lifted it back, got rid of the padding that had gotten wet, ran some fans etc etc and then put the carpet back down (the portion is maybe 8 by 4, the rest of the basement is much larger).

The basement is also where our 2 dogs spend lots of time, and over the years,and smells like it.

If we have the carpet cleaned, has anyone done that? Is there a problem with getting the carpet dry again? We are debating about doing that (having someone clean the carpets as I suspect we would not do a great job ourselves)... or ripping it out. I would rather have carpet than not, but wonder if we will end up ripping it out anyway.Hoping someone can speak from experience,


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You can certainly have the carpeting cleaned, and you can likely get the odor out, or at least reduce the odor. The rug cleaning people would leave the carpeting only slightly wet, and then you would use fans on it to get it completely dry. Or you could rent a Rug Doctor machine and do it yourself.

If you want to have carpeting in the basement, I would vote for getting rid of the current carpeting and padding and replacing them with one or several area rugs. New area rugs would get rid of the odor. They could be inexpensive (check Home Depot or Lowes). And you could roll them up and clean them yourself with a Rug Doctor machine out on the driveway when they begin to smell.

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Thanks graywings- as it happens, on one side of the basement( actually the smaller side), I had painted the floor and we have an old area rug on it. The part with the carpeting is much larger though and if we do rip out the carpet, we would do just as you suggested (inexpensive area rugs). I am inclined though to give a try to cleaning the rugs. It won't be that expensive, and if it doesn't seem to be much better, we can always rip it out after trying. DH is more inclined to have it ripped out so we shall see. But thanks for the feedback on the cleaning not really being a problem.

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