Power washing vs. pressure washing

cheerful1_gwAugust 30, 2007

What's the difference between the two? We want to have our vinyl siding cleaned, but I heard that you shouldn't pressure wash it. Is it a do-it-yourself project, or should a professional do it?

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I think they are one and the same...
I would just get one of those hose end sprayers filled with a cleaning solution and use that to clean your vinyl siding.

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I recently bought a Karcher 1800 PSI 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Washer at Lowes for $159. It is the greatest thing since the wheel. We have used it on everything from the siding to the side walks. You use it with or without a cleaning agent. If you do use one; Krud Kutter (also from Lowes) works well. The pressure washer is made for the home owner and easy to use. It even did a marvelous job on my picket fencing. I have a three year old set of vinyl wicker - love seat, two chairs and a table. They had become so dark and dinghy I was going to throw them out. After using the pressure washer the furniture is sparkling white again and good for a couple of more years.! That washer has paid for itself already.

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Have you found that the pressure washer damages the siding or whatever? Do you have trouble with the water getting up between the boards pr shingles and into the walls?

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No we did not have a problem like that. The pressure washer we bought has a PSI of 1800. Commercial power washers PSI is 3000. These high powered pressure washers can cause a problem if they are not used by professionals. It is wise to use a detergent like Krud Kutter and let it sit for a few minutes to loosen the dirt. Then you will using less water for cleaning. I also used it for cleaning windows and it works great.

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Are you still enamored by your Karcher 1800 psi pressure washer? We would use it only on our pavers.

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changing the head on your power washer can eliminate some problems, and improve cleaning of some things.

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