Miele Canister for Automotive cleaning?

xaeror35August 13, 2010

I am looking for a good canister vacuum and I am almost set on the Miele lineup of canisters. I do have a question, are they good for automotive cleaning? I guess the only question is does the stick handle come off and allow you to use the attachments with the hose only? I am leaning towards the Capricorn (might as well go all the way )

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Well...Yes, in terms of performance and attachments, but the electronic wand is way too cumbersome to be useful in such a tight space. You'll be holding the handle alone, so might as well get a less expensive model for that purpose.

I have the Capricorn and it's pretty wonderful. I wouldn't like it to go into the garage though. :( They use a shopvac in there.

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The only reason to buy the Capricorn for auto detailing is to have the luxury of having all the controls at your fingertips rather than having to get out of the car to change settings. All S5 series are basically the same. They differ with regard to controls (dial/electronics, etc) For car detailing save some money by getting the Libra instead of the Capricorn, get the powerhead you want (Find the right dealer who can switchout the powerhead for the one most suitable for you), with the savings buy the SMC 10 Microset and the SCC Plus Car Kit.

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