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PurplemoonMay 17, 2012

Hey Gang, I first, and most important, want to say how sorry I am for not posting normally. I've been jumping on here in the evening to read what's going on, but as you've seen I haven't even commented. No excuse, but a sincere apology for doing that to you! I love you guys... and don't like myself when I let you down.

I haven't done anything to post about. No shopping, not even online. LOL. Does that tell you what a total dud I've been lately??! Right now I am trying to get motivated to pull out my Patriotic things. I use to decorate with them for Memorial Day and leave up thru July 4th. (then pull out my fairly-new beach-themed things I did two years ago for the first time. It was a fun change for the summer blahs I get.) Last year I did none of this, with good reason, but this year NO good reason. Just can't find my decorating enthusiasm for these smaller holidays. Wish one of you, at least, lived close enough to come kick my butt and get me started again.

Neck update (excuse the repeat for some of you) Saw the doc Tuesday that removed the tumor on my neck. He said the surgery site is healing well, tho all the pain I'm having is from a neck muscle that keeps spasming and driving me crazy. He said it would take a couple of months for it to settle down and behave normal. Jeeez, I was thinking weeks. :o(

I mentioned that I was sure the tumor was baseball-sized, since it pretty much filled my hand. He pulled up the pathology report with the actual measurements and told me it was larger than a softball..Holy Crap! No wonder I had problems with my neck and shoulders at times, and here I thought it was just more Fibro pain. Anyway, the neck pain has me pretty limited in what I can do since it goes into spasms easily. Plus that muscle seems to think my head is the equivalent of a bowling ball, so it aches and throbs constantly unless I'm laying down.

I want to tell those of you who post and keep this Forum going during the slack decorating times just how much I appreciate you! You're the backbone of this Forum! As much as I LOVE (LOVE!!) seeing holiday decorations, I also love the tablescapes and shopping goodies you share. We all do I'm sure. So thank you for continually being here and sharing things. Love you bunches! ;o)

I will try to get back on track, I promise.

Oh, including a link for a blogger talking about a thrift store run she made. I was laughing out loud at her determination to get some goodies. You'll relate I'm sure.


hugs, K

Here is a link that might be useful: Thrift Store Shopping Trip

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Karen, No apology necessary. Sorry about the neck spasms.
Needless to say, everyone here is concerned about you and we just want you to be okay.
You are so important to the rest of us on this forum and we are concerned when you are MIA.

We are concerned when we don't hear from other regular members too. MilosMom and OA have not been around as much lately, and the Lynne's (NM & NC) have been missing for quite a while.
There are probably others I'm forgetting, but I just hope that everyone is all right whether they are posting here or not.

Anyway, the TS post was very funny and I have had to move things around quite a few times to get some of my finds loaded in my vehicle. I keep a car seat in the car for Cody, but have not had to pack items around him, just around the seat, LOL.

Glad you are here and I hope the spasms go far, far away very soon!!!

Take care Dear Friend,

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Karen, like Candy said there is no reason to apologize.
I'm sorry you are still experiencing so much pain from your surgery.
Hope you feel up to popping in here from time to time to let us know how you are doing.
Thanks for sharing that post I think most of us here can relate to it.
Candy, we haven't heard from Frou in a really long time either.
Hugs to you Karen

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Karen...like Candy & Nana said - NO Apology needed.
Just glad you drop in and keep us posted on how you're
doing. Continue to take it slow so you can 'Repair'..
There's always an empty space left here when you're not posting...
We need you to get better completly so you
can Fill that Space Up again.
Loved reading about this blog and her TS shopping spree.,
She came up with some pretty neat ideas...I can relate to
stuffing her small car with goodies...I once owned a
VW back in the day, and that car used to be loaded down with
all sorts of finds that I could stuff into it...(even a large Church Pew bungied to the top) !
Someone said it remeinded them of a 'Circus Car' full of
Hang in there. Prayers out your way to heal...

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Oh my gracious.. I've been away and didn't realize you were having any surgery. I'm so sorry you've been through such a rough patch and are still experiencing pain. :(:( Praying that healing is much more speedie than what the Dr says.
You have no reason at all to apologize. It's VERY important that you look after YOU and work on getting better so you can get back to the fun things.
If anyone should apologize, it's myself. I've been a terrible friend as of late and failed miserably at keeping up as I had intended. I can only blame to much work and stretching myself far to thin for quite some time, learning the hard way that eventually even the hardest of effort runs out of steam. I've given up the job for the most part for many reasons (mainly the heartache it brings, stress, anger and all the things that go with it was just more than I could take any longer without losing what was left of my sanity) and fully intend to be around more ofton. It's been sooo long since I've been able to "play".

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Welcome back, MM. You've been missed. I hope things are going good in "Pug Land". ;o) I'm sorry the job was so difficult in so many ways, its good you are stepping back to take care of yourself now. I will look forward to seeing you decorate again, and know the others will too.

You guys are all so sweet not wanting to accept my apology
;o) No wonder I love you and our Forum.
hugs, Karen

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Karen, life happens to all of us--certainly no apology required for having to take a bit of time off to deal with the pain of recuperation. Hope you will be feeling good again in no time and finding us more wonderful pics and sites as well as the wonderful finds you always come across. Hugs,Luvs

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Marlene Kindred

Glad to "see" you around the forum again Karen! Glad you're feeling better and can move around better too. You're way ahead of me....I haven't even thought about Memorial Day or the 4th of July.

Continue to take care of yourself!


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Good to hear from you, PM! & glad the surgery is over & healing has begun...even if it's longer than you anticipated...you're healing! & that big old tumor is gone! Yay!

I'm MIA here, too...altho I read & try to comment...just back from a 4 day camping trip ...which was really a 'rest time' trip! Get so lazy...but I think it's a good lazy for both of us! Lots of outdoor projects still going on & some volunteering in our local small town...so I run out of time...but that's a 'good out-of-time!' ;-)

Hope to do some decorating (inside) soon! Poor Dollbaby still has Easter Spring dress on! Love this forum, too...so it's good to hear from all of you! Jeanne S.

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Karen, so sorry to hear you're still having so much pain. I've been so busy and haven't been here much lately myself. Seem to be on the computer all day and night for work. Way to many 12-14 hour days for me. I ended up in the ER last Monday. I'll come back and check your link another day.TIA

Jeanne, things haven't changed much around here either. Did get my garden planted this past weekend so that's one project taken care of. Have family coming for the July 4th celebration. Lots of class reunions taking place. Knowing this should help me kick it in gear, I hope.

Take care sweet ladies and will keep sending H & P your way.


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