A large electric burner would equal how many BTU's?

sue2012April 9, 2012

Can someone put please put into perspective the difference between a gas burner with 16,ooo BTU's and an electric burner? What would the large electric burner be equal to in BTU's? Just curious. Thanks for responding!!

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Search for BTU/hr to Watt conversions.

16,000 BTU/hr is 4686 Watts.

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Maybe, but that's only a fraction of the picture. Efficiency of delivery plays a huge role. My electric "power burner" is 2500W, so using the above equivalency it equals 8536 BTU. However, that burner seems to pretty well keep up with the boil tests reported here on 22K and 23K gas burners.

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Sue, the answer will also vary with why you are asking.

If you want to know how fast you can boil water, then foodonastump is on target, but I would say 2500W electric is closer to 18k BTU/hr gas.

If you want to know how many CFM you need for the hood, then brickeyee's answer may be on target, as modified by the type of cooking you do.

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Thanks for the replies. I am just wondering if my electric cooktop was a gas burner what would the BTU's be.
I really haven't researched it. I don't know how many watts the largest electric burner is, or how many coils it has. Is the difference between the two just going to effect boiling water or woking? I know I am not making myself very clear. I wanted to get a better sense of the heat difference.

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