glass doors for tub/shower

ontariomomApril 22, 2012

Hi GW,

We have a tub/shower in a bathroom that we are renovating. We would like to get a glass shower door for this bathtub. We will no longer be using it for baths only showers as we will have a much deeper nicer bathtub upstairs in our new house addition.

Does anyone make glass doors for tubs that do not have lower tracks? I would like to get away from using a shower curtain, and open the room up.



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You can find pictures if you google "shower tub screen"
or "frameless shower tub screen". I saw a location in Canada earlier today but I can't find it now. Seems like there are more sources in England and Australia, but I have found at least one in the US and one in Canada.

I'd guess that if you had a picture any glass shower door company could special order or make one.

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We had ours made by a local glass place.

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Home Depot has shower doors without a lower track. They are special order. One brand is Holcomb, and is currently on sale at our HD. They do have an upper frame, but there are some really pretty finishes for those these days. We are planning to order one there ourselves.

Our HD carries a second brand but I have forgotten the name. The people over in the Kitchen Remodeling are the ones who know the product and can help you order.

Good luck!

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Hi and thanks for your suggestions!

Jamies, thanks for the key words. I will Google again to see what I can find in Canada. On a quick search last night I did find one made by Lyons I believe that was made with some sort of clear material but not glass (apparently the same material used for race car windows). I did not love the look, but it was far nicer than a shower curtain.

Beagles, your door is exactly what I was dreaming of. Your whole house might have taken so much time and thought to plan in detail. I will call to see what kind of $ it would cost to have a custom made door like yours. Can I ask if your door opens on both sides? That would be so ideal, as we set the water on the side closest to the toilet and then prefer to enter on the opposite side where there is clearer access. The bathroom is tight, so no spare room. This works well for a curtain as we can open either side, but I wondered if that could be had with a glass door.

Colorfast, thanks for the HD suggestion. I will call the kitchen design department and see what they have available to special order.

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Local glass shops should be able to do that for you pretty easily. I'm guessing you're in the GTA, but if by chance you're in Ottawa I can give you names here.

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Thanks Sochi for your input!

Yes I am just outside of GTA. However, we do have glass shop here. I will get them to price it for me. I will brace myself for a high cost.


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Try googling Flureco. They are Canadian and they make some nice stuff. We have this one................. This is from their website. They should have dealers near you.

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The price from a local glass shop will be installed by a professional who does this for a living and the pricing should not be extreme,. Get 2 prices before purchasing. From my end the main issue with HD and or Lowes is then you need the plumber to install or install it yourself and that is where most of the trouble comes in. If you really layout the cost and the potential pitfalls the glass shop will probably not be that much more when everything is considered.

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Thanks everyone for your help. I now have some good leads!


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Yes the doors open from both sides (either door can be opened out or in. We paid somewhere around $1000-$1500 I don't remember. We got starfire glass though which added to the cost a lot

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