gas cooktop: DCS vs. Electrolux vs Bosch vs???

mpg2004April 21, 2014


Just found out that we need to replace our 36" gas cooktop. I'd like to find something available locally, in the $1000-$1300 price range, easy to clean (as easy as a gas cooktop can be that is!). I went to the local appliance stores today and liked the DCS 36" drop-in cooktop, the Electrolux wave-touch 36" cooktop & the Bosch 800 series cooktop. I've read reviews that the Bosch scratches easily. The specs for the DCS call for a more powerful hood than we have. My most used pans all fit fine on all 3. Any advice on which of these to go with or avoid?


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The Bosch is actually 37" so this might be a problem since it is a replacement. Bosch does not specify its lowest simmer point.

Electrolux matches 18k btu high and gives you a specific 450 btu simmer. Of the three that is probably what I would go with.

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We have had a DCS 48" cooktop for 3 years and are very happy with it. No issues at all. Burners are powerful and it simmers really well.

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i have the 36" DCS drop in gas cooktop-- have had it for ~ 5-6yrs. we could not easily put in a hood above our island cooktop (existing- we just replaced cooktop) so we put in a dcs pop-up fan- just needed to get the granite cut to fit it since the cooktop that was there was a jennair down draft...
i love the cooktop--- has worked without any issues since we got it and simmers extremely well. i chose it because i liked it's appearance best when compared to similarly priced 36" cooktops!! (i specifically liked the grates better than the kitchenaid and bosch, which is the 3 i narrowed it down to.)
the fan is just fair,(better than the downdraft tho!) but i don't do alot of frying at high temps which might result in alot of smoke or grease.

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We have the 36" Bosch 800 cooktop in stainless (NGM8654UC) and we're very happy with it. As deeageaux mentioned, it is a little wider - the specs call for a 34 15/16" (887 mm) cutout width.

We've had ours installed for over 5 months and have had zero problems with scratching. The "low" burner simmers very nicely, but as mentioned earlier Bosch doesn't publish a specific spec. It's easy to clean and I think the grates are well made - solid and flat.

Overall we've been very pleased with the Bosch cooktop, but I can't really compare to your other options.


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I purchased Electrolux cooktop and double oven five years ago.
Had the oven serviced 5 times. I let the warranty run out because I didn't want to invest more money in it. It still does not hold the temperature in the oven. Support from Electrolux was "call a service repairman". Repairmen replaced the thermostat TWICE. Useless, waste of money.

As soon as I can save enough money, I will replace.

My cooktop works ok, but I spilled some water in it and now the burners won't ignite. So much for a closed system, $500 to replace ignition system. Am just going to purchase a new cooktop.


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