Two induction questions

fenworthApril 21, 2008

1) I currently have a ceramic cooktop, and it seems that no matter how careful I am I warp my cookware. Anodized (Calphalon), clad (All-Clad), Disk bottom (various cheaper pieces.) I'm wondering if anyone who has experience with both regular ceramic and induction could speak to whether induction has less of this problem.

2) The other day I found the first potential deal-breaker when reading the GE owners manual. It says not to deep fry on their induction cooktop because the extreme temperatures can damage the glass. Can you tell me if this is the case with all brands? I've deep fried on my ceramic often and have never had a problem.

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1) Most of the cookware that works on induction tends to be heavier and you shouldn't see warping. I have no warped pans after nearly 2 years of using some screaming heat to cook.

2) Never heard of such a thing. There was no such warning for my Brandt.

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Warping can result from abrupt temperature drops inside cookware during cooking or afterward. Usually the quick addition of (water based) unheated liquid is somehow involved. Certain construction methods like explosive bonding of pads to stainless or the similar way of making multilayer metal sheet pots and pans may leave stresses that first show up as warping only when the item is heated.

While more robust cookware can help, it may also hinder by involving more thermal mass which takes away from control.

There are the usual two choices: buy the expensive and/or exotic and you're good to go or just get ordinary stuff and keep replacing the cheaper duds until you luck in and build up a unique set that works for you.

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The Cooktek induction we plan to get also has a similar warning in that it says that it has an overtemp protection circuit for the surface of the unit. I have heard about similar capability in others. Now whether the glass gets that hot in the process of deep frying is another matter. Assuming one deep fries at 375, that should be below the protection limit. I guess we will find out as we plan to use our induction hob for deep frying!

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By "ceramic cooktop" are you including gas (!), halogen, induction and/or other heat sources?

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get a induction cooktop by diva de provence if your getting induction......

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I have fried on both a Diva and a Windcrest induction top. Not a problem for those 2 units

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I deep fry on my problems.

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I have deep fried on my Electrolux with no problem. It also has an overheat control.

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fenworth, can you please tell me the number of the page in the GE owner's manual where it says not to fry? I have the 36" GE induction cooktop (not yet installed) and I am most interested in this. TIA.

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Thanks for the responses.

Regarding pans - A couple recommendations here suggest heavier, more expensive cookware. Does All-Clad count? That's one specific brand I've warped.

Regarding deep frying - the concern seems to be damage to the glass over time, something you might not have seen happen yet if you haven't done it much. Now that I'm re-reading the manual (page 18) I'm wondering if they just mean not to use pots bigger than the burner. Here's the quote:

When canning with water-bath or pressure
canner, larger-diameter pots may be used. This is
because boiling water temperatures (even under
pressure) are not harmful to the cooktop surfaces
surrounding the surface elements.
Most syrup or sauce mixturesÂand all types of
fryingÂcook at temperatures much higher than
boiling water. Such temperatures could eventually
harm the glass cooktop surfaces

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Thank you, fenworth. Don't know why I'm so concerned as I don't really fry much anymore, but I thought that sounded incredible if you could not fry on the darn thing. I've had my GE 36" induction in my garage for at least two months. Granite will come Monday and cooktop will finally be installed. Dang it if I'm not second guessing myself and wishing I had gotten the Thermador hybrid with two electric hobs and three induction. Then I could still use some of my pans. Geez, this whole process makes you doubt most everything you do or choose. Good luck to you.

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pupwhipped - I called GE and after being put on hold several times while she was "researching", the rep came back and just said "it's fine to deep fry" with no further explanation about the warning.

Regarding hybrids - I've toyed with that idea, too. OVer time I'm seen hybrid people wishing they'd gotten full induction, but never the other way around. You'll be fine!

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GE told me that the problem arises from using pans more than 1" larger than the maximum hob diameter. I was told doing so might damage the cooktop and would void my warranty. I guess it's more of a problem if you do anything more than boil water (the large canning pots they mention). This and the 12" space requirement below the GE cooktop are why I decided against GE induction. This is not a problem with Diva or Wolf induction.

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If you have a problem deep frying then how could you make candy?

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