sliding barn door style shower door - leakage with 2 showerheads?

empathieApril 11, 2012

Hi all,

I'm about to choose the shower door for a 84'H x 68'W x 36'D shower cabin that has two showerheads on opposite walls. Ideally we'd like a barn door style sliding door + fixed panel, like the CR Laurence serenity style. However, our contractor advised against it b/c apparently there is a gap between the fixed and sliding panel (I don't know how big) and, with shower heads on both sides, water would leak out. No other contractor that we interviewed mentioned this potential problem, so I'm not sure if either this guy is just really, really careful - or if all the others were sheer novices. Does anyone have this type of shower door, and any thoughts on how much it might leak if water were hitting it from 2 directions? And/or any ideas for addressing it if it IS a problem?

Thanks so much!


Here is a link that might be useful: picture of serenity shower system

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A sliding barn door would be fairly rare, but sliding glass doors (framed) have been around forever.

The extent of any water leakage would be a factor of the size of your shower. How long, from wall to wall, and how wide? And where would the door fall relative to your standing positions? Imagine waving your arms around a bit and the trajectory of the water.

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