Zest bar soap

PatAugust 15, 2009

Regarding leaving scum on tub and tile, is the current (2009) Zest bar soap still the best bar for leaving no scum or has the forumla changed over the years. My spouse is not taking well to using a body wash. Help.

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There is a lot of confusion regarding the Zest brand. Originally it was one of the first detergent bars and hence did not leave soap scum like soap did.

There has been increased interest in recent years by consumers in using real soap in lieu of detergent bars and for some strange reason the brand Zest has now become a soap bar. Why the company did not just make a soap bar and brand it with a new and exciting name is a mystery to many.


"In 2007, in a seeming about-face of their 'no soap film' policy, Procter & Gamble discontinued the old product and re-assigned the trademark to a soap bar with a size reduced by 11% (from 4.5 to 4.0 ounces), a new bar shape, and new, more intense fragrance. The brand was further diluted by the introduction of bottled liquid Zest. A recent perusal of their support site yielded the following claim: "Zest Linen Fresh, Tropical Fresh and Tangerine Mango Twist are no longer made with synthetic ingredients. TheyÂre 100% soap and have a new "surf" shape."

Here is a link that might be useful: Zest Soap

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My mother has some bars of Zest she bought in the 70's. Can you say hoarder?

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Thank you guys very much. I'm going to post another question about favorite bath washes because since i've successfully cleaned my tub with all the advise on this Forum, I don't want to see another bar soap in my life.

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I have cross-posted this in a couple of other threads.

I only use Dove soap for bathing. Does not dry out the skin like so many bar soaps. You know, that stretched-tight feeling when you're squeaky clean, which almost hurts. None of that with Dove. It's so creamy because of the lotion in it. Excellent if you have sensitive skin. It also has a very nice smell, not perfumey.

And a HUGE bonus: it leaves almost NO scum! It will take you months and months to start building up any soap scum.

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