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donnadilitApril 22, 2013

We are in the process of finally doing our long awaited kitchen remodel. I am choosing appliances and am wondering if anyone ever mixes stainless steel and white. I really prefer a white refrigerator but my range top is going to be stainless steel. How would it look to mix the white and stainless?? Also, wondering about mixing appliance brands, ie, a KitchenAid double oven, an LG refrigerator and a Bosch DW. I'd appreciate any advice - thanks!

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Mixing appliance colors: My own personal opinion...If it was JUST the range top and the other appliances were all white, it seems perfectly fine. For my taste, I wanted all of my appliances the same because I think it makes the kitchen look more put together. Also, I always worry about resale value of my home and how it looks to others. I personally wouldn't have some white and some stainless.

Mixing appliance brands: ABSOLUTELY!!! Get the ones that are rated highly in each category, based on your needs and budget. I replaced all of my appliances within a few years and went with all stainless. I have a Maytag French door bottom freezer refrigerator, a Miele dishwasher, a Whirlpool over the range microwave, and a GE Cafe gas convection slide-in range...and a Breville convection "smart" toaster oven. I love them all and don't regret a single purchase. I always get compliments on my kitchen, too!

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Definitely mix brands. I wouldn't mix SS and white but mixing black and SS is ok.

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Agree with above, a white fridge will make it look like you were reusing older appliances. Nothing wrong with that if that's what you're really doing, but I wouldn't go for that look intentionally.

If you don't like the look of a stainless fridge I would do a paneled fridge. Or all white appliances. But not a mix.

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Probably a good idea to do some research on those KA ovens.
All double oven are not as reliable as 2 single ovens, but with KA you may be asking for "Double Trouble".

They had a HUGE Problem with failing after self cleaning, and in fact there is a recent post, about another one that failed.

The thing that bothers us here in GW, is KA never "Owned up to the problem" and a lotta folks were left "Stranded", so to speak.

The fix for the problem, bigger and "Perhaps" noiser fans have registered complaints from a poster or two, here in Garden Web, so at least try to "see one in action" and see if you can live with the "Noise",---also be aware that where you see the oven, in action, the environment , "May" not be as quiet as your kitchen, so be sure to take that into account!


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I am debating the same thing. We have all white appliances right now and we are replacing the fridge and stove. DH really likes a stainless steel fridge but I want a white stove since the microwave is white. I detest stainless mixed with black so that is not an option for me.

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...look at this pic, SS and white is possible. Check out my link for further selection of high tech appliances.
Good luck - Melanie

Here is a link that might be useful: best place to buy appliances online

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I really don't see a problem with a mix of white and SS appliances.

My gosh, look at all the folks here with white kitchens and SS Appliances. Should we demand that they paint those cabinets and walls a Very glossy black? (We know the answer to that one, don't we)?

My self I would consider paneling them.
(1) Hardest thing to clean and keep spotless is an SS door on
a dishwasher.


(2) Stainless door/doors on a fridge.

Been there, done that, never again, I'm a "Woodie" from now on!


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I'm thinking the question is about appliances. I was just cruising the kitchen reveals and may have lovely white cabinets with stainless and sometimes a white fridge. A freestanding white fridge is not as integrated usually...'usually, not always'.if it is of the old fashioned pebble- textured/freezer on top variety. That sticks out and does not fit the opening properly. (like my moms). And mine from the previous owners when we first moved in... I have original teak cabinets from '62 so the dated white visible from the dining/liv rm was a sour sight. Now we have more choices of modern integrated, french door, etc. Sleek handle styles without the clashing curves and bubble fronts. The other issue is the whites often do not match. Cabinet is warmer white and the fridge a bluer cold white. Even stainless has many faces. Different brands look so different side by side.
Every kitchen has stainless accents from trim to silver ware/ knives, bowls, etc. I have witnessed success with white but built-in and paneled is often preferred... It is often a headache to visualize the final outcome.
Here is a blog post discussing white appliances.

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We just replaced a black-and-chrome double oven with a stainless one, and the rest of the appliances are white. We like the look: the dishwasher blends in (it doesn't have a panel that matches the white cabinets, but the colors are close), the refrigerator doesn't overwhelm (in a not-very-large kitchen, I think sometimes the stainless ones look a little out of place, like commercial fridge in a home, it all depends on the layout, I guess). We like the look of a stainless oven; somehow we just don't like white ovens, go figure. When we remodel/replace the dishwasher and fridge, we will stick with white. The countertops are a grey/white/black granite-look Corian, so it all coordinates.

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Over on the Kitchens forum, AmericanExpress just posted pictures of her mom's new kitchen: stainless range and DW, white fridge. Take look, what do you think? I think they reused the range and fridge.

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