Black spots on Stainless Steel cutlery and pans?

angiepangieAugust 22, 2013

I have recently been getting black water marks on all my stainless steel. I have been thinking maybe it was because I used a different brand of DW tabs- I used Ecover instead of Finish. I went back to Finish- but the marks remain. I thouth the culprit could be that I use vinegar in the rinse aid of the DW. (even though I have been doing this for years, no black marks) So I hand washed the stainless and dried it by hand to get rid of the marks. Then, this morning I noticed husband had kindly hand washed all the stainless and left it to air dry- the black marks are there! So it isn't the DW or the DW detergent- but it must be something about my water? This has only started happening recently. It is driving me crazy. Th only way to get rid of the large amount and very noticeable black marks seems to be to hand dry all the stainless. ( I have noticed that the glass ware is also coming out spotty, too. But not black. )Any ideas what can be causing it?I do live in OK and have hard water- but like I said- this is a new thing. Should I add some borax or baking soda to the load? I used that DW cleaner stuff last month so I know the machine is clean- and it was recently serviced. I'm stumped.

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Sorry I didn't have time to check all of these, just a couple, but one suggested it an acidity problem, leaving tomato sauce or whatever on them.. There is one that tells you how to remove the stains. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Stains

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I have been thinking about your post. I used vinegar the last time I did my dishes because some of my glasses were not getting clean. As a result I had black spots on my cutlery, but just thought it was food that was stuck on it when I put it in the washer. After looking at a few of the urls I posted I think it was caused by the vinegar. Vinegar is acidic isn't it? I don't know why your cutlery would get spots now after using vinegar for a long time. My manual said not to use vinegar in the dish washer on a regular basis.

I figured out why some of my glasses were dirty, they were my milk glasses. If I rinse them before putting them in the dishwasher they come out clean.

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I use the Finish power tabs....they have the spot reducer (Jet Dry) in the need for vinegar or anything else. My dishes get sparkling clean. The stainless spots you are seeing sound to me like water spots....if you take the utensils out of the DW and dry them by hand, do they still have the black spots?

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