Laminate floor cleaning

moonerAugust 19, 2009

Does anyone have the magic recipe for cleaning laminate floors with a sponge mop. I have found nothing, short of hands and knees and a cloth to dry in order to get rid of streaks. I have a large dog and between her paws and where she lies to sleep and the dribble marks, my floors always look terrible. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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mooner, you have my sympathy. our Samoyed dog hated it because he was used to previous carpet.
I am very successful with Windex. Either I spray it on sponge mop and rinse in clean water, or i put Windex in the water. For tough spots I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or Sponge or whatever it's called.
I curse the day we got this Pergo --in any room you can see the spots in the relfection of the window light. Aargh!!!!! We have it in living room, dining room, kitchen. And didn't Samoyed drool all over the Pergo instead of the rugs we had to put down for him.
Good luck. Note that Windex is great for any built up gunk anywhere.

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thanks, Pat, I will try that. and you are right, love the looks of them, but hate to open the blinds as that is when they look so bad.

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I had Pergo for years. I used only warm water with some vinegar in it. The floor will shine.

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I have laminate floors and I have 3 dogs so I know what you are talking about. I have tried everything to get mine to look good, but nothing worked. I seen the Hoover floormate online and I read all of the reviews on it so we decided to buy one. I love it because it vacuums, cleans and drys. It's wonderful not having to sweep then get the mop and bucket out. It is the only thing that I can use on my laminate floors that doesn't leaves streaks. When I bought my floormate I paid right at $200 for it, but you can get them for under $150 now. If you buy one it will be money very well spent.

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Thank you Maz, I am going to look into that. Cub my girlfriend told me about vinegar and I have tried that and it streaks. I have tried it heavy with vinegar and light with the vinegar in the water and both streak. This has been most helpful.

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Thanks,maz, I was once considering the Hoover Floor Mate but Spouse thinks the heat and water would disrupt the glue that holds the Pergo in place. I wonder if that would only happen if steam were used. I will look into the Floor Mate right now.\
Thank you.

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Hoover no longer makes the Floor Mate. If you can find one, it will either be used or very old. I bought a used one and I wasn't happy with it. I used it twice and really liked the way it cleaned my wood floors, however it broke and refused to work st all after only two uses. As I had bought it used on Ebay, I didn't have a leg to stand on.

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I clean houses for a living and can't believe all the people lining up for laminante floors or the engineered wood floors for that matter they are not easy up keep and to be honest the only good job on these floors is on your hands and knees with a rag and a bucket of water with a little castile soap and a drying towel to dry behind you I have paid countless money and have tried at least a dozen useless expensive products. I even quit one of my jobs with about 1200 square feet of this flooring with a million water drops on it every week lol. I know its all good but I'll take carpets and call the carpet cleaner every six months

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I just received the recommendation to use Ashley floor cleaner. It is said to be sold only in Ashley carpet stores however. I haven't even looked to see if it's in my city. She said you simply spray it and mop with a microfibre mop. No streaking and no film.

To the person who tried the vinegar and got streaks, have you tried a microfibre mop?

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I didn't know that hoover quit making the floormate. I just looked on Amazon and they still sell them. Here is the link if anyone wants it.

I love my floormate and if it ever quits I'll try my best to find another one, lol!

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