another use for those beautiful TS-GW dishes

PurplemoonMay 17, 2011

I don't think I shared this with you guys before, and if I did, I obviously forgot. So I hope this isn't a repeat.

I know I posted the site awhile back on Garden Junk.

This gal takes the prettiest dishes and vases and birds etc and makes gorgeous birdbaths. Some are way too pretty to be in a yard I think, but maybe on a protected porch?

Some would also be pretty table centerpieces I think.

Let me know your thoughts...she has several pages of photos of her creations and its darn near impossible for me to pick a favorite. But she's given me plenty of ideas for next time I'm in GW looking at dish stuff. I've made a lot of "totems" but nothing like she's done.

Enjoy and hugs,


Here is a link that might be useful: Birdbath Artistic Creations

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Karen, that is a beautiful link. The birdbaths are gorgeous..too pretty and delicate to put in the garden. She certainly used beautiful plates and vases. Thank you for sharing.

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I think the members here could create something similar just by stacking items we already have and use tacky to temorarily hold them together for a vignette! Great ideas and she has some really pretty/cute birdbaths. My mind is already thinking of dishes/urns/stuff I have that I could put together for different displays.


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Gee, that's a lot of birdbaths and glassware. I too think they are to delicate and small for the yard, but would make great centerpieces. I'm torn about gluing all those great pieces, I like CC idea about short term vignettes.

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Karen, she has some wonderful creations. I would be afraid of setting them out in my yard as pretty as most of them are. I'm amazed with all of the added birds and etc. she's used on each of them. I too think one could stack them for a cp or vignette.


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Marlene Kindred

Oh yeah Karen...just when I had stopped drooling over this site from your posting on the GJ I have to clean up this mess on my keyboard! ;-D

LOVE her creations! I've been combing through my stuff to see if I can create my own versions.


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Here's some of the plant stand totems made from our Totem Album I put together for the GJ gang.
The first picture is from luckygal who some of you know here.

hugs, Karen

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