Clever idea for furniture style vanities at the Mandarin Oriental

KevinMPApril 10, 2013

I'm traveling for work again (in DC this time), and I always seem to find something in bathrooms in nice hotels that are a source for ideas.

Here, there's a furniture style vanity, but they've used a reflective metal (too shiny to be stainless perhaps, but who knows) as a toe kick, which makes it look like a furniture style vanity without the problem of cleaning underneath it. Genius.

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It is hard to tell in the picture. Is it like a mirror?! that is genius, esp with the reflection of the floor.

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Lucky you Kevin MP, I was visiting DC last fall , and heard on a bus tour that the Mandarin there is one of the 10 most beautiful hotels in the world . Is that true ?please take some pictures and post them for us. I see another marble bathroom in the picture, is that grey or white ? I can see the contrast with the white floor mate.

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It very well could be polished stainless. Doesn't that make the most sense in a room with water? I have polished stainless steel grab bars and they look like "fools chrome"

This is a great idea.

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1) step out of the hotel bathroom
2) put on a pair of good walking shoes
3) Go outside and

  1. Enjoy DC

I don't know steps 4) through 11) of the 12-Step Bathroom Remodel Weaning and Withdrawal Program, but the above steps should be enough of a start to at least get you outside for a little sightseeing.

; )

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Unfortunately, I'm not here on pleasure. Fortunately, that means I'm not paying for my overpriced room!

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Thanks for the awesome idea. I imagine more than one GW'er will run with this and we will see it in some reveals before too long.

mongoct - your post should have come with a warning to finish your coffee before reading. Now I have to clean my computer!

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"without the problem of cleaning underneath it." Just the problem of constantly cleaning the splatters on the front of it.

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Hemera, details.

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I don't have the problems some on here seem to have with getting water on the floor in front of my vanity. I guess because it's the higher variety and I'm moderately careful to actually lean over the sink when shaving or washing my face. Then again, I am a bachelor. So I cannot imagine what kind of regular cleaning would be needed because of splatters.

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