Remove Orange Glo from wood flooring?

sewhappy2August 17, 2010

I have factory-finished Bruce wood flooring that has always looked beautiful by just cleaning with steam or a damp rag. My new cleaning lady took it upon herself to 'improve' the look with Orange Glo for wood floors. Now it is streaked and nasty. She and I have tried everything to remove this top finish and restore the floors to their original shine. So far, I've used ammonia, mineral spirits, vinegar, and all sorts of cleaning products. The one product that seems to be making some progress is, strangely enough, a 409 for Granite, but it still has a way to go.

Can anyone help with this?

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After a similar instance, I threw away all Orange Glo products...
It was my furniture that got "polished"...and mineral spirits removed it for me.
Linda C

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Another no vote on Orange Glow. When I used it on my polyurethane-polished oak flooring, it looked like I had mopped the frloors with dirty water-all kinds of streaks. I ended up going over every inch with hpot water and paper towels.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you probably ruined the factory finish when you used mineral spirits. Probably what you are seeing is the smearing of the factory poly finish. If you have an extra piece, try cleaning it with mineral spirits and see if you get the same hazy effect. If so, you are going to have to talk to someone knowledgeable in flooring finishes. Or you might call/e-mail the manufacturer to find out what they recommend.

I hope I'm wrong. Good luck.

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I steamed it with my steamer several times..

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I was told by the installers to use mineral spirits to remove any glue that had oozed out during installation (it is glued to concrete). So I don't think it should harm the finish. I didn't try the mineral spirits everywhere, just in a couple of the extra bad spots.

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Mineral spirits will not harm cured poly.

What is the exact name of the Orange Glo product that was used?

For example -- "Orange Glo Wood Polish and Conditioner" contains orange oil (an oil-based solvent) and basically mineral spirits. If such a product left streaks, it's because it partially dissolved oil-based dirt and grease on the floor, but then the dirt wasn't completely wiped off, or else not enough product was applied to dissolve all the dirt.

I have learned that streaks mean you're not done cleaning. We generally spray plenty of product, but do not wipe it off sufficiently with CLEAN cloths. A large floor area with oily dirt on it would require many clean, dry mop heads or cloths to remove all the oil dissolved by the cleaner.

And, citrus solvent is a powerful degreaser, but it can leave an oily residue. Mineral spirits evaporates and doesn't leave that residue. One of my favorite products, Trewax Citrus degreaser, contains a surfactant that gets rid of its own oily residue as you wipe or rinse it off. Goo Gone is just the citrus solvent and leaves the oily residue, so if I use Goo Gone to dissolve some grease or adhesive, I then have to wash with soap/detergent/surfactant to get rid of the Goo Gone residue.

On the positive side, once you remove all the streaks, your floor should REALLY be clean.

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I'm not exactly sure which Orange Glo product was used. This was something my cleaning lady had brought with her and when I asked, she only said 'Orange Glo'. I know she didn't do a good job of applying it - she missed some spots altogehter, and left streaks in other places. It is gradually getting better but still not back to the original even shine - and many of the streaks are still there so I know all of the OG is not removed.

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Seems odd. If it were my floor, I would first try spraying and wiping the Trewax Citrus product mentioned before, using microfiber cloths by hand and changing cloths frequently. I would test a streaky area first and see how it works.

If that doesn't do it, I would then progress to washing by hand with mild (neutral pH) detergent in hot water, rinsing with vinegar/hot water, and drying, using microfiber cloths by hand for each step.

Seems odd that either the polish (mineral spirits + orange oil) or the cleaner would leave such a mess, so it makes me wonder if anything silicone-based, like Pledge, had ever been used previously. Silicone is a pain to remove and leaves uneven streaks, but can look nice and shiny when there's a fresh, even coat.

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I'm probably too late for this thread, but I've actually had this experience. My horrible painters sprayed Orange Glo all over the living room floor of my vintage condo and left it an oily mess. I thought I would have a heart attack.

I went over it with a clean, dry Clorox ready mop (like a Swiffer). I was surprised to find that the mop head got filthy, as if decades of entrenched dirt was being brought to the surface. I just kept changing the mop head and buffing away. I don't remember how many times I repeated the procedure, but MANY, until the floor seemed clean and free of all residue. By the time I finished, the floor really looked great. I've been meaning to repeat the procedure on all my other wood floors, but never got around to it.

As andersons says, "On the positive side, once you remove all the streaks, your floor should REALLY be clean."

Sorry if you have extenuating circumstances due to the finish or other issues.

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