Double towel bar? Do you like yours?

LinelleApril 29, 2014

Pre-reno, my hall bath has one 24" towel bar, plus a towel bar on the bypass glass shower door. I'm getting rid of the glass door when I remodel and will use a curtain instead.

Since this is a guest bath, it doesn't really see a lot of action, but I'm reluctant to reduce the towel hanging/drying capacity. I don't ascribe to hooks for wet towels.

I'm thinking that a 24" double towel bar might be just the ticket, plus it will nicely accommodate a bath towel and hand towel without having to layer them, which looks great but is too fussy for me.

So, those of you with double towel bars, how do you like them? Any recommendations?

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We just took out a double towel bar when we remodeled our master bath. It was a chrome finish, and we put satin nickel back in, so I plan to use it in another bathroom. It was perfect for me - one bar for the towel I dried with, and the other for the towel I used on my hair.

I am trying out an antique oak coat rack for towels in the remodeled bathroom - not sure the towels will dry well enough hanging on hooks. I may be looking for a new double bar in satin nickel.

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sjharris53, thanks for your reply. I'd like to have space for two towels without taking up too much wall space.

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I had one once, and hated it. Either the spacing between bars was too small, or my towels were too thick. Removing or replacing a towel was a pain without disturbing the second towel.

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Errant, that's what I'm afraid of. I have thick towels and that ain't gonna change. All the double bars online seem to be very close together. This bathroom is rarely going to need a place to hang two bath towels.

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Use a towel ring for the hand towel?

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Dreaming, that's definitely a possibility. I can actually accommodate a folded in half bath towel and hand towel on my existing 24" bar. Ideally I like to hang an unfolded wet towel across the entire bar, so a towel ring might be just the ticket.

BTW, I don't understand why there are so few mid-priced towel bars. Either cheap stuff or $150 plus...for a towel bar.

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I have one that I use for my towel at the back and the bathmat at the front. It's a slight pain, but mostly because of the location at the head of the tub, so there's a reach involved. I wouldn't hesitate to use one in a guest bath, though-- not because I hate my guests, but because the inconvenience is not an everyday one, and it isn't just terrible, either.

It works because they both get used at the same time. You don't want to have to try to use the back one while leaving the front one undisturbed.

I hear you on the mid-price thing. Maybe they know that you'll either have no $ left by the end of the project "give me whatever is cheap", or no brain left "whatever looks good, I'll pay it!" (I'm thinking I'l be short on both counts.)

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Yep, I'm always shocked at the price of bathroom fixtures.

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I'm actually seeing ones I like at a more moderate price at Restoration Hardware (Sutton line).

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linelle-I'm glad you asked this question because it's one of the 8 bazillion details we're obsessing about right now for our mb remodel. I've been looking at RH as well-the modern double towel rack. I just wish they'd give the dimensions between the racks.

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leela, that's a beautiful double rod. It's 5-1/2" deep and it looks like the bar in the back is less than half-way back. So, it might be a tight squeeze, unless, like lori and me, this is in a guest bath and the inconvenience factor is minimal.

I'm thinking of just getting a 30" single and be done with it. There's room for two folded bath towels side by side. I'll probably hang a bath towel and a couple of hand towels.

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In my bathrooms I did not have wall space that was wide enough for two towel bars side by side. But the space was more than tall enough to put one towel bar above the other. I hung a 24 inch towel bar about 42 inches above the floor and then put another 24 inch bar above it at approximately 68 inches from the floor. Works great for me with the towel lengths that I have. If you happen to have some towels that are extra long, hang them on the bottom bar so you dont have towel on the top bar overlapping towels on the bottom bar. This type of double bar arrangement means no problem with thick towels and trying to hang one up behind another. I think the towels probably dry quicker this way too.

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Good point badgergal. I did the same in my basement bathroom - one towel bar above the other.

Also, regarding towel 'rings', some are really mini towel bars:

Here is a link that might be useful: Krause towel ring

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I think one 30" bar will serve my practical needs. It's not like I have a steady stream of overnight couples using this bathroom. I think I'll add a hook so that things don't have to be dropped on the floor (!) or the counter.

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Linelle, I have the Danze Parma double towel bar in my Guest BR. I like it, and I use it when hand drying things too. Well-priced and available in lots of online stores.

Here is a pic of it in use on Houzz:

Modern Bathroom by Honey Brook Design-Build Firms Spring Creek Design

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raehelen, awesome! Just checked it out online and they say it's 2.5 inches between the bars which is quite do-able. It's very reasonable as well. Thanks!!

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We have the Mercer double towel bar from Pottery Barn. I love it. My husband prefers bath sheets and we can hang his on the higher bar. I've never had any problem with either of our towels drying. There is plenty of space between the two bars. Before we were hanging one towel on a single bar and one over the shower door. It was a little more than I wanted to spend on a towel bar. I don't understand why bathroom fixtures are so expensive either. Luckily, I found all our other Mercer fixtures on clearance at my local PB. They didn't have the double rod so I had to order it online.

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TSG, I like the style of the Mercer double, the way the two bars are staggered rather than parallel. I think I'm going to get the PB Hayden 30" single, with matching TP holder and hook. PB's prices aren't too bad considering their good looks.

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Husband and I love our double towel bar. We have two 30" single bars in other spots that we use for bath and shower towels, but we needed a small bar across from our vanity for hand towels. An added bonus was the rear bar for our tub/shower mat which easily slides behind the hand towels. Towels bars are from Restoration Hardware, one from the outlet and two from online store purchased during one of their sales.

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gildee, I love the look of that double bar in your bathroom. It's so perfect.

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