Cleaning faucet handles and drains in bath

jockewingAugust 22, 2008

I have well water at my home that leaves a brown residue on a lot of stuff. Somehow water got inside of the crystal faucet handles on my bath vanity and now there are brown stains inside. How can I get these out? Also, there is some kind of metallic buildup on the ring where the tubs drain that feels almost like rust. How can I get this stuff off?

Oh, one more thing--my brother used to stay at my house and smoked. He actually burned brown stains onto the sides of my tub and vanity top, which are white. Is there a way to get these brown burn marks off?

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Magic Eraser too cig stains off the side of my tub. I guess people set their cigs down there while "reading".

I would suggest Zud for the mineral stains in the faucet handles. You'll have to take them off and apart. Just apply and let it sit and do its work. It has oxalic acid in it. Don't use it to "scrub" the plastic or glass handles as it also has abrasives in it. Zud works for rust stains in tubs too.

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Try some comet with bleach.

I use this to clean the sink,bathtub

It might take several times to get it clean

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I use a small hard bristled brush and some strong clorox type spray. It gets the crud out around the metal and the metal shines.

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