Packing tape marks on my new SS refrigerator?

chickadeeadAugust 14, 2008

My new SS Kenmore refrigerator still has marks on it from the wide packing tape that was stuck to it when it was shipped. I used the SS cleaner that Sears provided and it didn't remove the image of the tape from the surface. There isn't any adhesive left on the surface . . . just the image where the tape was. I also tried water and vinegar with a microfiber cloth (a suggestion from HGTV for cleaning SS appliances). I don't want to risk scratching the surface, but the image of the tape is annoying me. (Maybe I should get a life??) Anyway, any suggestions on how to safely remove it? TIA.

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Try Goo Gone and rubbing alcohol, otherwise call Sears.

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Try rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth.
Linda C

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Try rubbing some mineral oil on it.

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