new bosch integrated fridge - does anyone have an opinion

carolmlApril 26, 2012

I was in an appliance store yesterday and shown the new Bosch integrated refrigerator. It looks a lot like the Miele, though not quite as nice. I was told it was the same box and compressors. It comes with a stainless exterior which can, apparently, be removed to be replaced with custom panels. The one I saw was the 30" fridge/freezer and it was about $1000. cheaper than the Miele. My question: is it as quiet and reliable?

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Not sure this helps but I have the 36" FD one. Its like the thermador model but with plastic interior. And it doesn't have the elevating shelf. OTherwise the same EXCEPT you cannot buy a model for putting panels on. If you want that then you need the thermador (or meile i suppose which is even higher priced). I just noticed the new 30" one. The 36" FD model has been around at least a year or more.

My fridge works great. Food is well preserved. Shelving and drawers are solid. Lighting is very nice. Ice maker works well. Plenty of ice. Its beautiful as fridges go.

Complaints or comments: you do need a professional to install it. its tricky. my freezer drawer has more sway in it than i like. there are plastic pieces (stupid vent covers) that came off and never stay on so i gave up on those.

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Thanks Sophie,
Is it quiet?

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Yes i missed answering your questions! It is very quiet. The only issue we had was ice not being made but that was because it was installed in correctly (you could see it misaligned) because my contractor thought he could do it. Service came and fixed it and its run great since then.

Here's a picture. It was framed (small piece of metal around edges).

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