Anyone have a pic of a Zephyr Tempest 2 Hood

swimmanApril 3, 2013

I have not been able to find any pictures of the Zephyr Tempest 2 (ii) hood other than stock photos. Anyone on the forum have some pictures you can share of the installed hood in your kitchen? Trying to decide between the Venezia and Tempest. Thanks.

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The Venezia and Tempest 2 appear to be very different hoods. The Venezia is 12" tall, has a telescopic duct cover and the sides taper in. Venezia also has Zephyr's DCBL Suppression System running at 715 CFM. Tempest 2 is more of your traditional, 18" tall professional style hood with baffle filters, no adjustable duct covers but has multiple blower options.

I'd say the Venezia will have a "lighter" look and feel whereas the Tempest 2 is more professional looking and seems to have a bigger footprint.

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Thanks for the info. I am aware of the differences in design and specs. Looking for pics of the Tempest installed. I believe dig on these forums has the exact setup I am looking to install and hoing he/she will respond. Bluestar36" 6-burner rangetop with the Tempest 2.

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I'm in the same boat as swimman. I've tried an image search for a AK7536ASX Zephyr Tempest II 36" but have only found stock pics.

I also have a 36" Blue star 6 burner and after exhaustive searching this hood looks like the best choice for my price range.

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Boilmaker - I guess Dig is no longer frequenting the forums as they installed a Tempest 2. When my install is complete I'll get some pics up although that will not be for a couple/few months - house has only been framed so far. I do believe it will be the Tempest 2 but am working on some issues with the builder. Can't wait to get all this behind me!

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I think that's what we have - and are planning to re-use in new kitchen. I will check shortly and take a picture for you.

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Sorry - no time to research and be sure but wanted to post it for you in case it's what you are looking for. Please excuse the unpainted cabinet sides and trim etc. - we put in a new cooktop and hood when we moved in a few years ago and are going to re-use them now as we fully renovate the kitchen.

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Getting closer to closing on the house. Took a couple of quick pics with my phone today at the inspection. I'll get better pics at some point. Sorry for the glare from the pendant chandeliers (have not installed the glassware yet).

The hood is the Zephyr Tempest II with internal dual blower and a Bluestar 36" 6-burner.

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swimman - wondering if you are happy with your hood? Looks fantastic btw.

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missmeghan - Yes, loving the hood. Works very well even though we mounted it 36" above the rangetop. The halogen lights are also a nice item and illuminate the cooking surface nicely. It is not too loud although it makes it presence known on level 2 and 3. You can tell it's sucking when you hit level three as the baffles are sucked up against the housing as if they are trying to exit the house!

The only issue we have is the 10" duct cover on the outside of the home (not a Zephyr product). When there is wind outside the cover slaps against the main body of the duct creating a noise inside the home as well as outside. This has been an issue in two other homes with this type of duct cover. The builder is aware of the issue and has a new style on order (I checked and this cover does not have a spring to keep the cover closed - it just hangs loosely). I have temporarily installed foam tape around the duct so the cover cannot make the noise when it closes.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have add'l questions.

Still working on getting better pics. Need to find the time and a clean kitchen!

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Here are some additional pics...

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WOW!! I Love your BEAUTIFUL new kitchen!! Congrats!! We are close to beginning the building our new home and I am showing your kitchen to our builder!! Can you help me out with your ceiling height in the kitchen? And one other question, if you don't mind answering....if you do, pls disregard ;>) What did you end up paying for the rangetop and hood? Did you buy them locally, thru builder or online? Thanks so much!

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vivi88 - Thanks for your comments. The ceiling height is 10'. I think the kitchen looks better in person than in the pics but at least you get the idea.

I'll send you an email regarding the pricing. Thanks again!

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Thanks Swimman!! Got your email and this helps me a lot! I think I want my ceiling height in kitchen at 9'. Anyhow, I love the kitchen! Thanks for helping me.

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Swimman -thought I posted a reply but it's not showing up. Is that the bluestar? Were highly considering this or the cooktop. How do you like it? Is it difficult to clean?

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Miss meghan - yes that is the Bluestar 36" 6-burner rangetop. It is different from their drop in cooktop. Really like the unit so far. It's not difficult to clean and in fact did so today. Just got finished making a pesto pasta meal for the family and the oil for stir frying the veggies got all over the grates. Took me one minute to wipe the grates and any remaining oil will cook on to them the next time it's fired up. Everything is slowly getting seasoned and finally not looking so new!

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Hello fellow tempest 2 owners,

Would anyone be able to enlighten me on how to install the baffle filters ?
My manual is not helpful

I am pushing against the springs and trying to fit filter in groove in front
Is this the correct way?

Thanks in advance

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