Storing mop, vacuum, and reusable mop pads

olivertwistkitchenAugust 25, 2013

My knock-off swiffer wet jet with reusable pads, and stick vacuum are all sitting in a jumble in the walk-in closet. Acually, they are probably lying down because they always fall down in thre. I asked DH to mount some sort of holder, but

1)all the holders seem big enough to hold a mop, but not a vacuum
2)I have a pile of 5-10 pads. Looking for some sort of organizer for them. Just shove them in a shoebox? Put them in something wall mounted? Nail a shoebox to the wall? Is there something more elegant?


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Would something like this work for the stick vac? $1.48 at Home Depot.

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I use buckets and/or trash cans to put my long handled tools in and store them in the garage. I put them handle down so I can see what is what. I set one by the door going into the house and put household things in it. I can just open the door to the garage and can reach and get the things I need for in the house.

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For pads -- my thought would be take a large box from baby wipes - it has a lid that pops open easily. Screw it on a wall - put screws into the back side of the box to keep it horizontal (as it would normally sit on the counter). Then load the pads from the store box into it.

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