Disinfecting Colored Towels

happylady1957August 11, 2008

Hello All,

I've posted on the Laundry Forum also, but wanted to pick your fertile brains, as well!

How to disinfect towels when bleach can't be used? I'm concerned about my Son's "athlete foot" towels, as well as kitchen towels used to wipe up raw meat drippings. I've switched almost completely to microfiber in the kitchen, and feel so virtuous!


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Detergent in the washer, the heat of the wash water, the heat of the dryer, and the resulting dryess of the fabric are enough to satify me.

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And enough to satisfy general recommendations. a dish towel washed in hot water with detergent and dried in the dryer is clean enough to use to wrap a wound.
Your towels don't have to be like a sterile hospital drape.
Linda C

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Thanks for the info. I didn't know that the hot water and dryer was enough to kill e.coli, but am happy to hear it!

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