need tub filling faucet with decent gpm

pearlbegoniaApril 2, 2012

It seems that the wall mount faucets that I've looked at either have a gpm of not more than 2.5 or else they don't show a gpm at all. I would like a higher gpm in order to fill the tub before the water gets cold. Do the laundry/service faucets with no gpm listings have a higher flow rate? Will the faucets with 2.5 or lower flow rates have a higher rate if the aerators are removed? Any suggestions for a good wall mount tub filling faucet?

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Shower flow rates have been capped at 2.5 gallon/minute since 1992. You shouldn't have any problem finding tub faucets with higher flow rates though. Try searching for "tub filler" online.

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