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PurplemoonMay 26, 2011

REAL shopping this time, not eBay. I went in GW last Friday, day BEFORE their half-off sale. Yes, I know that is NOT good bargain hunting on my part. However, sometimes to me its worth going the day before. For one thing I can't get there early on Sat mornings, so by time I go, things are pretty well picked over. Plus its usually mobbed and takes longer, and my rgt leg has been a big problem with standing and walking as y'all know. On Friday afternoons before the sale, GW is loaded with stuff and very few shoppers!

I found some holiday goodies. Two BIG pearlized ceramic Easter Eggs, a brand new Valentine candle,a new ceramic Shamrock wall hanging, and the big mercury glass Hershey's kiss.

Then I found two rabbit figurines I couldn't resist. Not Easter bunnies, just regular ones for my collection. The one is pretty darn big! As for those tiny white pots, there are 7 of them but its actually a one-piece figurine.

I have no idea WHY I brought it home, but it was only a dollar and I just figured it might be good somewhere somehow. LOL.

Jane, here's the rabbit tureen and a white pot I found last year in GW.

And little Zorro says Life is Good but take Lots of Naps...

Candy...did you see Jason at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament today? The commentators did a wonderful piece on him! I was so thrilled. (but I bet that humidity is killing him, he's not used to anything like here.)

hugs, Karen

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WOW...your GW had some doozies! Good for you 'logical' thinking-shopping day! Lots of goodies for the holidays! FUN!!!

& I love your bunny tureen on your countertop & the vase, too...very pretty! Your GW bunny finds...AWESOME! And, you've joined in & 'gone to pot' w/the pots! Love 'em...I would have brought them home, too... how about a little Bachelor's Button stem in each one!!! TFS, PM! Looks like a great day! Jeanne S.

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Karen, you got some great things. It is so nice to shop for things you "want" not just things you "need". You did good. Bachelor Buttons in the pots sounds perfect.

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Who needs half-price day when you can find such super things? I especially love your brown bunnies figurine. I have a rabbit tureen kind of like yours. Have you used it yet?

I agree with you on crowds in thrift stores. Our Goodwill here moved into a larger place and I just dropped by when I was in that part of town. Holy cow! I found two beautiful green Italian plates and I waited 20 minutes to check out! It must have been opening day or something...

I'm glad you were able to add to your collection and get those nifty holiday things. Those are always my Waterloo, too.

- Magpie

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I should have taken the cellophane off the Hershey's Kiss before I took the picture, its such pretty mercury glass.
The white pots are really tiny, I'll have to check out how Bachelor Buttons would look in them. Thanks for the tip.
By the way, my goodies cost me a little over $20 since I splurged and didn't wait till sale day.

Here's a close-up of the brown bunnies, they are definitely "my type".

hugs, Karen

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Wonderful finds, Karen.
I really like the brown bunnies.
Zorro looks like he's enjoying his nap.

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Karen, looks like you had a good day shopping. The lg eggs are so pretty. Really like the valentine candle holder and Big Hershey Kiss. I have a lg hershey kiss like that in an aqua color. The shamrock is very nice and will look great for St Pats. Looks like you can hang it. You wrapped up several Holidays in one shopping spree.Woohoo

Rabbit figurines are so "You" and lovely. I know you won't have any trouble finding a place for them. I've never seen anything like the little white vases you found but so darn cute.

Breautiful picture of the sun shining in on your rabbit tureen and white pot you found last year. They are such pretty pieces and the purple posies just top it off.

Glad to see Zorro again. We are watching DS's little yorkie for the weekend and she's always fun to have around.


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Karen...I'm 'Lubing Up The Bus'....and heading out your way!! My GW NEVER does a half off day...but I think your
shopping strategy was a better way to shop..
You found great things...LOVE the bunnies (my type too) and those little vases I think would look cute with little floral clippings in them..they're sweet.
You found a nice selection of holiday items can
Cover many holidays with them !! lol
Also, love the shot of the sun streaming in on your fabulous Bunny Tureen. I also like how you added the flowers and plate and made a nice vignette..
Now I have 'Kitchen Window' envy..Wish I had a nice window to bring in some sunshine like yours.


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I'm with on the bunnies, they are certainly year round. I keep the one you sent me on the kitchen counter also. Your bunny tureen vignette is picture perfect. At least your GW has some pretty things, I can see that kiss in some really cute tablescapes. Zorro is so darn cute, I've always been a big dog lover.

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Karen, I just wrote on your other post about Jason that I saw him on tv yesterday at the tournament and agree that the commentator's did a nice job briefly telling his story and complimenting him on not only his golfing but the way he helps others as well.

On to the goodies--Woohoo! Glad you had some fun shopping. Those brown bunnies have the long ears you love, good find. I think you need some little cocktail size flags to put in your little white pots! How about that? ;o) Nice big kiss and how neat to find the Valentine candle and St. Pat's clover--you pretty much covered a good half of the holidays!


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MERCURY GLASS KISS! I am so jealous! Great find! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Lots of treasures! LOVE the brown bunnies and know why you do too....and your white one is very pretty as well!

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Great finds, Karen! But you know what makes my Irish eyes smile! :)

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