A Cleaning Tip fo Foregetful Minds - Learned the Hard Way

eldemilaAugust 20, 2009

As I sit down to take a break, cool off (sweating buckets) and hope to have learned my lesson, I come to give a word of advice...

When you are ready to disassemble something to clean, or repair, and you think you'll remember how that one piece you JUST took off goes back on, hopefully, you'll remember this...

If your mind isn't as good as it use to be, take a picture, draw a diagram, or write a short description on how the piece fits BEFORE you take it off.

I just removed the back piece from the fridge that one of the drawers and top glass piece backs up to to seal the back, not that I realized it came off til it came off. I put it in the sink the way it came out and figured it was easy to remember how it was when I took it out of the fridge.

I've been struggling to get it back on there correctly and have given up the fight, for now. Whatever I'm doing, it's not going back on. Wasted too much time and not in the mood.

Figured I'd save one person from making a mistake like this today with my tip - next time I'll remember my cell phone camera when I do something like this - well, hopefully, I'll remember;) I'll return to the task at hand later.

Have a great day!

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I can so relate to that problem!

"Oh, I will remember which of these three shades of white paint I used on this wall. I will write it on the can later when I have a marker."

"Oh, I will remember that I have mixed up a gallon of Roundup from concentrate and placed it in this jar. No need to mark it."

"Oh, I will remember to . . ."

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You have made so many of us feel better about our lapses of memory! I spent an hour searching for a screw that, all on its own without any help from me, jumped out of its proper place and buried itself in the carpet. If I had only put the screw in my pocket . . . .
Yesterday I spent a lot of time looking at unlabeled paint cans, trying to figure out which one was the primer. It was the last can I opened! At least I didn't keep opening cans after I found what I needed . . . .
I still have a partially assembled weedwhacker--took the handle off to replace a screw and couldn't get the devil back together. Right now the handle is wrapped heavily with duct tape, the solution to so many problems.
Isn't human nature wonderful?

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so nice to know we're all in this craziness together.

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Great advice. And if you take something apart, save all the pieces and the hardware. I took apart a small end table to refinish the wood, did the wood, then I couldn't find the nails and small screws it was put together with. Doh!

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I grew up with a pharmacist and a librarian for parents:

1 - they labelled the jug BEFORE they mixed up the Roundup
2 - they painted a swatch of paint on the back of the room's lightswitch and wrote down the name of the paint shade on that same swatch.
3 - they dropped all the hardware into a jar or baggie as they took things apart (and the container was labelled before they started)
4 - they labelled the freezer containers before they filled them.

I spent so much time around it that it's the only way to do things .

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Thank you all for your comments! You make me feel "normal" and unafraid to say "what am I looking for?"

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That explains where I went wrong. I should have picked a different set of parents.

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It's so nice to know I'm not alone - thanks for all your comments!

I have yet to go back and try to fix the problem I created -I figured the fridge door closes, that's all that's important.

I'll have to remember lazygardens parents next time!!!!

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